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Aiken Man Jailed for Vandalism at Graniteville Cemetery

Ashtin Dale RitchieAn Aiken man has been connected to vandalism at Graniteville Cemetery that was reported before last Halloween.

Ashtin Dale Ritchie, 23, was charged Thursday morning with trespassing and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to a press release, damage was discovered to several graves on Oct. 30. Also, tire tracks from a vehicle were seen at the cemetery.

“At the start of this investigation, the complainants provided deputies with a video that captured the suspect’s vehicle speeding through the cemetery, near the monument cross,” the sheriff’s press release says. “During the course of the investigations, deputies followed up on several leads, provided by the Graniteville Cemetery Association, which lead them to Ashtin Dale Ritchie of Aiken.”

Cover Issue 838Ritchie’s been booked into the jail. A 2015 photo from the suspect’s Facebook page shows him posing in a cemetery.

For more crime news from the Augusta-Aiken area, pick up this week’s edition of The Jail Report.


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  • Bill Garr

    Vandalizing a cemetery is as bad a vandalizing a church ,what a sorry zebra butt licking punk, no considerations for him , just straight time , full term sentence, then pay restitution then frontal lobotomy

    • James Thompson

      @ Bill you are an ignorant waste of human flesh. @ Augusta Crime. I know this man personally. He’s my best friend. What this pretentious publishing company fails to understand, is he CONFESSED AND contacted one of the cemetery administrators the following morning and the with a detailed review of the events that transpired. People make mistakes. Show compassion, or have your everyday Christian values been that twisted. There’s a picture of him folding quilts on the little boys grave, but god forbid you show those. Get the full story. What a fucking joke. The editors and staff. Anything for a dollar. A JOKE. Oh, and for the record…he came in on his own will. Not yours, or anyone else’s.

      • Bill Garr

        so let get this right now , by owning up to his CRIME that makes it ok ? So you condone his actions ? He destroyed property that DIDN’T BELONG to HIM ! ! ! and do CHRISTIANS willfully destroy others property ,this exactly what I expect from stupid little millennials(some) the only reason he contacted the administrators is he knew he was as good as caught so he wanted to get in front of his actions (the only smart thing he did) People make mistakes ,yes but to willfully damage others property say a lot about a person. Perhaps someone should damage YOUR property, like key your car, would you be so forgiving , I think not ,you would be mad as he// and want that person punished and compensation right ,right ?So in closing this little tirade I must ask you ,do (good ) Christians(assuming you are one ) go around using the word “f- – king, and incidentally god is spelled “God”, don’t bother responding either , every time you open your mouth you cripple the nation, have a great day ! ! !

        • BlackJackShellac

          Bill, Christians like your antagonist are quite happy showing up on Sunday and using it as a cloak (mostly transparent) to their idiocy. Mr. James Thompson is a fool. You’re above the likes of such trash.

      • disqus_F4HYJtEnvd

        Terrific he has repented. Saying I’m sorry does not protect us from the consequences and punishment for our for crimes. One wonders how a good dude decided to make this particular mistake.

        • BlackJackShellac

          A “good dude” by one account… certainly not actions.

      • BlackJackShellac

        Your best friend is a complete idiot. I have too many personal values to attach the term ‘Christian’ to myself. So, labeling aside, I will say your buddy is a man – child who acted like an immature fool and then sought refuge in acts of what could just be considered simple human decency after the fact. I’d improve my circle of influence before calling those who aren’t as ignorant as you and your friend a “waste of human flesh.” Bill isn’t out 4-wheeling in cemeteries or posing on Facebook like a little teenager.

      • Bill Garr

        Mr. Thompson you called me an ignorant waste of human flesh ,well sir let me assure you that I’am smarter than you, way smarter ,one of my farts before it dissipates into thin air had more common sense than you will ever aspire to have ,so there eat that with your corn flakes .Now, if your friend was so concerned about his disgraceful behavior why hasn’t he posted anything about it here or how he plans to make restitution to the families involved so all can read ? I am sure you have told him about these post or he has read them himself ? Even something as little as that would go a long way, don’t you agree ? You ask me for compassion so why would I do that when some one destroys others property ? Then you attack my Christian beliefs ! let me tell you sir I am a good person and I feel for those who suffer terrible tragedies in their life. And the blanket bit what the hell is that about ? Maybe a guilty conscience ?And the statement “he came in ……,not mine, what the crap would I have to do with that , don’t even know you /him and if I did you bet your a$$ I would have turned him in.Sorry sir but in my humble opinion you are a sorry little man with a lot of growing up to do ,your best bet is to choose better people to surround your self with and follow their lead ! ! ! Good day sir !

      • kiwiinamerica

        Was this a “Jackass” audition?

      • John Doe

        So he knew it was better to turn himself in than to be tracked down makes him a good person? Hardly. Your best friend is a vandal with a hidden mean streak. You’re known by the company you keep honey ….

  • Karla Michael

    Oh that’s not good,not good at all..Oh what Karma can bring.Never mess with a cemetery…Not good for that man…

  • BlackJackShellac

    When children play.