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July 8, 2013

Augusta Man Beat Up for Sex with Girl, 12

Brian Ransom Arrest

An Augusta man accused of repeatedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl was seriously injured when confronted by the girl’s father and other men Saturday.

Brian Heath Ransom, 36, was arrested for non-aggravated child molestation, but not before he was confronted by the girl’s father on Saturday afternoon.

That confrontation led to a violent fight that led to Ransom being hospitalized. According to a sheriff’s report, he was confronted and then fought with the girl’s father and others who tried to break up the fight, a sheriff’s report says. Ransom suffered a laceration to the head, multiple facial injuries and back pain. He was taken to a local ER for treatment.

Meanwhile, deputies investigating the reason for the fight talked to the 12-year-old girl, who said Ransom first touched her inappropriately on the couch at her home in June. The girl said the suspect had sex with her four or five times since then, the report says.

Ransom was arrested while walking away from the home where the assault took place. The girl’s father and the other men suffered minor injuries during the fighting, but they all claimed self-defense in the injuries on Ransom. All refused treatment.

A report does not mention the suspect’s relationship or reason to being in the girl’s home at the time of the alleged molestation. The report says the girl’s father does not live with his daughter or the girl’s mother.

Ransom is being held in the Richmond County Jail under no bond.


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  • Mike Rowland

    I would beat this predator to death , he got only a lil of what he deserves . Probably is he most likely will not get any federal time , there he will live to do it again

  • Alice Badger Mueller

    Maybe he should have thought about what could happen.

  • Diane Fairley

    Kudos to the father. Great job on defending your child

  • Lynn Cooper Brock

    he needed his ass beat

  • Sierra Wilson

    12 year old “little” girl, child. I’d say he got exactly what he deserved. Way to go dad!!!

  • Brian Young

    Mike Rowland. When he does get out. We should show him some southern justice

  • Mike Rowland

    Brian Young there is no justice for his sorry ass , they need to send all the fathers and mothers in with him and let them take care of it the way it was done in the bible days. I say stone him to death but after he suffers multiple beatings to the death , revive his ass and do it over and over . I may sound cruel but what if it was it your child. lol

  • Brian Young

    If it was my girl. I would torture him slowly for years

  • Arnold M. Taylor III

    He needs his ass whipped!!!!

  • Mike Rowland

    hang his ass above a piranha tank and drop him in 1 inch at a time for as long as it takes for the fish to finish him off

  • Mike Rowland

    but not even flesh eating fish will eat shitt

  • Josh Boese

    Surprised hes still alive…

  • Leslie Gibson

    Awesome story… Predator sexually assaults child, child’s father and his friends beat the sh*t out predator, predator goes to hospital and then to jail with no bond, father and friends go home. EXACTLY the way it should be!!!! Way to go :)

  • Kelly Smith Human

    And he is still walking and breathing!

  • Brenda Durr- Harris

    Good he need his ASS beat who ever did it need to still be beating it Damn Lowdown Jackass

  • Mandi Wilmoth

    Good for the dad! Sick bastards these days

  • Eddy Barrett

    10 plus years in jail…. People think before you act..

  • Eddy Barrett

    10 plus years in jail…. People think before you act..