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Augusta Man Breaks Belt Buckle While Spanking 1-Year-Old Boy!

An Augusta man whipped his girlfriend’s son hard enough to break his belt buckle, seriously injuring the 1-year-old child,  authorities said.

MIZE-2Christopher Mize, 26, of Hoods Chapel Road, was arrested Monday for first-degree child cruelty. He is shown smiling in his jail mugshot.

The child’s mother told authorities last Wednesday that she couldn’t find anyone to watch her son before heading to work at a local hotel. Her own mother usually watched the child but was unavailable. So she trusted him to Mize, who she’s been dating for a month.

Things quickly went downhill, according to a sheriff’s report. While at work, she got a text from Mize that said this: “This n**** busted his a** toting a pop tart and it looks like we scrapped a lot.”

It was worse. When she picked up her son just after midnight, Mize confessed to breaking off his belt buckle while spanking her son. He told his girlfriend that the boy “had to be tougher,” according to the sheriff’s report.

When she got her son home at 1 a.m. Thursday, the mother said she gave the child a bath and noticed heavy bruises. She contacted law enforcement later in the day.

Investigators say the child had “significant bruises on the left side of his face, legs, buttocks and torso,” a sheriff’s report says. “It seemed that the bruises on his left leg had the shape of fingers. He had a swollen top lip with a small laceration on the inside.”

Paramedics were called and took the boy to the Augusta University Medical Center ER. A doctor told investigators that the bruises were “extensive.”

The Georgia Department of Family and Children Services was also notified and opened a case on the child.

Cpver Issue 847Meanwhile, Mize was picked up Monday and remains in the Richmond County Jail.

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  • John Doe

    Please keep him at the jail. His life may be in danger if he is released. People are pissed…

    • Jay Roswech

      I say release him and let the public deal with him, he deserves no less! I believe is disciplining kids, but this POS stepped a mile over the line! And to smile about it? Yeah, he deserves whatever he gets!

      • Cecil Seigler

        Amen, he deserves the same treatment.
        Let the general public handle this and don’t spend our tax money keeping him in jail.
        If I was that child’s father and u let that dumbs*** out of jail, the county’s next move would b to find a funeral home for him.

  • Amanda Bedgood

    You dated him a month and left your small child alone with him…. smh
    Tighten up paretns… I mean really.

  • Bill Garr

    This “pop tart ” would be worth committing some type of petty crime just to get placed in jail with him so as to doll out a little pay back and wipe that turkey neck stupid a$$ grin slap off his retarded face . Wrap a little barbed wire around a bat and bend him over home plate ! stick a fork in his butt ,and call him done ! ! !

  • Willie Beard

    well what do you know someone that bullied me anytime i was around him when younger is smiling over beating a kid… not surprised…

  • Heather Parker

    This just sickens me!!

  • BlackJackShellac

    Handsome guy… I wonder how bad the mom needed her white trash man fix. Belt whip this p.o.s. until the buckle breaks… and the stupid, less than mom material chic who decided to not do her job properly, too.