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Tabithia Grooms

Augusta Woman Attacks Boyfriend for Refusing Sex

Tabithia GroomsAn Augusta woman went crazy late last Wednesday night, attacking her live-in boyfriend and her 66-year-old mother after she didn’t get sex.

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Tabithia Lee Grooms, 35, of the 1900 block of Haynie Drive, was furious because her boyfriend had refused to have sex with her earlier in the day, a Richmond County Sheriff’s report said.

So Grooms went out drinking and when she came home she told her boyfriend she had “f***** everyone else because he would not f*** her.” She then attacked him as he sat on the couch, scratching his face, head and neck and then biting his left forearm, the report said.

Her boyfriend escaped to the bathroom and called 911. When officers arrived, Grooms wouldn’t give her name at first and threatened to run over one of the deputies with a baby stroller, the report said.

Grooms’ mother, who also lives in the house, said she snuck out to get away from her daughter. She had come out of her room to see what was happening and her daughter punched her in the left eye, which was red and swelling, the report said.

Grooms was charged with two counts of battery.

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  • Gene

    From the looks of her she would have to beat me up also…

    • missj

      my husband just said that was ‘harsh’ ….

      • Elmer Glue

        I think she make a good cure for sex offenders in prison

        • ShyShania

          Lmao you got that right… Lol

    • ShyShania

      I’d fight until I couldn’t fight anymore.

    • Georgia


  • Santimateo

    Probable did not get any at the silver bullet or Coyote’s either, so she went home pissed.

    • ShyShania

      Idk they’d prolly put a bag over it bit she’d hnaw thru it

  • Sonya Andrews

    I swear only in Georgia!

    • Marleneea

      No, not just GA, they’ve got them up here in MA, too!

      • Terry Rutherford

        Got to be the ugliest woman in Ga. Just saying !!!!!

    • Janet Cherokee Glabas

      Crazy is everywhere Sonya………..it does not discriminate!

  • Damon

    I’m surprised she could bite anything harder than water and still come back with teeth!!

    • Tess

      Hilarious! LOL!

    • disqus_aL15HmtFha

      Damon you made me lol. Oh my gosh, I’m crying down my leg…….lol

    • lucasb

      I don’t know you, and I’ll applaud you anyway…very funny!

    • James M. Ray

      Wait, those things in her mouth are teeth???

      • *****Queen2B*****

        Teeth or rocks one

        • newsjunkiefareal

          Kmsl……you so wrong!

          • *****Queen2B*****

            I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with kmsl. Please tell me what that stands for☺

          • newsjunkiefareal

            Killing myself laughing. Omg that’s a ole slang, mainly used on Facebook….Cthu

          • *****Queen2B*****

            Oh ok thanks. I don’t have a FB acct.drama even for a queen. Lol

          • newsjunkiefareal

            My pleasure! When I destined for laughter I tune n2 Facebook for some seriously laughter…..I don’t have to entice……juz glance for CRASH DUMMIES status too show up. So woe it’s called social media

    • charlene

      What teeth LOL? That’s just flat out nasty!!

    • Damon

      She looks like Nosferotu!!

    • luckydoodle77


    • *****Queen2B*****

      That’s hilarious.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      lmbo! You’re going to hell for that one!

  • Steven B A Martinez

    Meth,..it’s a helluva drug!

    • Publius Gavius

      Bingo, you pinned it!

      • ShyShania

        Yes he did. Sad big true.

    • charlene

      That is what i was thinking too!!

  • Scooterific2762 .

    Meth much?

    • Debra Caron

      She looks like a meth head..

  • Alonzo Braddy

    I don’t blame him!! Wait,what he look like?

    • Teresa Salsbury

      another meth head, like her.

  • Sha-ron ShockJock Purvis

    IF I were a Man, I’d have to take a beating.

    • ShyShania

      I dont blame you….lol

  • Amish Al

    Your gonna have to put a couple bags over your head before I would even consider it, then it would be iffy,,

    • Chuck

      But u’ll still know what she looks like. I wouldn’t be able to get that image out of my head.

    • mltex

      You’re right, a double bagger. In case one or the other breaks.

      • newsjunkiefareal

        Too funny!

      • ShyShania

        Lol..dang. Don’t smother the poor girl. Lol

  • OhSoRight

    I definitely wouldn’t accept oral sex from that mouth.

    • Vicki Dyer

      run forest run

      • ShyShania


    • ShyShania

      Ew youd get an std

      • *****Queen2B*****

        That is so gross!

  • Aquamarine1029

    Meth is a helluva drug.

    • ShyShania

      You got hat right

  • Tess

    She’s hawt!

    • ShyShania

      Go get ya some, I’m sure she’ll give it to ya…lol

  • Navybrat

    If they need to match the bite mark to her teeth, it should take less than, oh, 3 seconds!

  • Rodney Hammond

    Is this the start of the Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Bobby Holgerson

    How bout dem Dawgs

  • David Rodden


  • Lonni Stewart

    She has a boyfriend and I don’t and that’s sad.

    • Yu Gno

      You are probably looking for men whose taste does not reside solely in their mouths.

    • Marie maldonado

      I just had to screen shot that and I said the same thing to my friend.

    • *****Queen2B*****

      What do you look like?

      • Lonni Stewart

        Not too hideous? Then again not looking for anything serious:)

        • ShyShania


        • *****Queen2B*****

          You’re beautiful. We all are. ☺😄😉

        • destiny

          like the hair nice. this was in my good days. on the way back to being me. one year on.

    • newsjunkiefareal

      Forreal…..I need too check myself

      • ShyShania

        You have nothing to worry about.

  • frillbot

    He probably kept her around for use as a bottle opener…….or…..I guess if you misplaced the can opener…..SHE’s your gal….

  • flyingmonkey589

    Enchantingly lovely creature! Is she a Supermodel??

    • mltex

      She’s a model, a model of what not to do.

      • *****Queen2B*****

        Lol funnyyyy☺

  • Jeromy Davis

    Mileena, Finish Him!!!

  • David Paul Federbush

    Absolutely horrible that this poor woman has to go through life with teeth like that. I am so sad for her. Can’t anyone help her?

    • Shoot63

      yah a baseball bat!

      • ShyShania


    • http://www.sozoglobal.com/atkinson John Atkinson

      I totally agree David Paul Federbush. That is sad and I feel really bad for her.

      • ShyShania

        Help her then she could use another hit on that pipe

    • Jaxson14

      Me too. Part may very well be self-induced from probably meth use, but it doesn’t change the fact. Probably the most likely scenario would be extraction and dentures unfortunately.

      • ShyShania

        She’d look better with no teeth at all

    • Star

      I agree, bad teeth, from whatever cause, can and do cause fatal infections of the brain or heart valves. There are other causes of loosing teeth, than meth etc. infections kill just the same. From my experience, Med/Dental agree that abscesses can and are sometimes very serious if not fatal. Yet they seem to throw responsibility from one to the other. Not all their fault at all, even with insurance, Dental work is too costly. There are fewer places for people to get any help with dental except preventative, which is the way to preserve teeth, usually, if enamel is weak or worn away, prevention is too late. I am totally for prevention , especially for kids. But there is a large group of people who took care of their teeth, but something goes wrong sometimes, to no fault of their own. And so it goes……

      • M.Schultz

        The only two comments on the page worth responding to is David Federbush’s and Star’s. I’m so glad there is someone on this page that would rather think of ways to help or the blocks that prevent getting help for her teeth problems, rather than make fun of her and say humiliating things about her.

        I have no idea what has caused her teeth problems. I hope she is punished for her wrong behavior. Her teeth have nothing to do with her behavior, and domestic violence/battery is nothing to take lightly. However, I hope she can get help for her teeth. I won’t assume it’s meth teeth. There are lots of things that can cause teeth problems.

        • DooWhop

          Oh for fucks sakes. Are you trying to tell us that if her teeth were fixed, she’d suddenly behave like a normal person? Highly doubtful. The woman has issues which run deeper than her teeth, plain and simple.

          • M.Schultz

            People are not attacking her behavior – they attacked her looks. Those are entirely different issues.

    • DooWhop

      I think she has more issues than just her teeth…

      • ShyShania

        Her whole face

    • nonwzisgdnwz

      It’s called Meth Mouth, and no, she didn’t have to go through life with teeth like that. Yes, it’s absolutely horrible. (Google ‘meth AND teeth’ for more info.)

      • newsjunkiefareal


    • Christa Tomasi Emerson

      Maybe start a Go fund me page….

      • Taylor Ryen

        I wonder where that money would end up getting spent…

        • ShyShania

          Method man

      • ShyShania

        She would spend it all on meth

        • newsjunkiefareal


    • FreeSpeech80

      Look up “meth mouth” when you have a minute.

      • ShyShania


  • Shoot63

    After seeing her Milwaukee just doesn’t make enough beer! Anyone sure they couldn’t be charged with bestiality for having sex with her?

  • Karen McHugh

    with those disgusting teeth, her husband should get checked for rabies ….

  • Edward Stevens

    ok this is both scary and disturbing. Scary because she looks like a fucking zombie, and disturbing because she needs some serious dental work. I call a redo.

  • Joseph Pickett

    very sad what drugs do to people :(

    • Joseph Pickett

      she is 10 years younger than I am and looks at least 50

    • *****Queen2B*****

      Yes they dk

  • ablondmoment

    Wow she had a bf yikes!

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  • Shananigans

    Surely she was merely offering oral…

  • Woodwind

    Looks meth related.

    • Star

      You are just one of the soul less people who think they have a clue! Oh, it looks meth related to you? Are you a licensed Dental Professional, and have you examined her? Then shut the hell up cause you and the others like you, are heartless, idiot losers ! Post about something you actually know the facts of.

  • Subflow22

    Damn, she bit him. Dude’s gonna need some serious antibiotics. You see that grill!!??

  • One Nite Stanley

    Guess she lied about banging everyone at the Regal Beagle….*shrugs*

  • norm

    I find it hard to believe she had a boyfriend

    • newsjunkiefareal

      Poor lady, I sought of feel sorry for her bcuz this article went VIRAL….all the way to the west coast and back. I truly hope this changes her mindset of seeking legitimate help…..sincerely, I do

  • http://ecstaticsecrets.tumblr.com Trooper Chick

    damn she look like a Zombie , Alien , Vampire #_#

  • Elliott Schwartz

    I wouldn’t want to have sex with that if my life depended on it. Looks like something from the movie “Alien”.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sermons-and-Writings/250329705104294 Brent E. Steel

    One look at the photo… I get why he refused. Just sayin’…

  • Ed Brant

    i question the guy’s intelligence also, how desperate can he be….LOL…has he no pride at all???

    • *****Queen2B*****

      Not at all.

  • sctanker

    Thought she reminded me of the Sea Hag,,,,with better teeth!

    • MichiganLady

      Haven’t seen this character in years :)

  • Romeo Balmeo Fernandez

    Perfect illustration of the term Coyote Ugly…..chew off your arm rather than risking waking her up in the morning after you realized you slept with it.

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  • kiwiinamerica

    Remember “Banjo Boy” from “Deliverance”?

    This is his younger sister.

  • D Robman

    I am still STUNNED that she said she screwed everyone else…..WTF!! You Confederate Flag wavers are some of LUCKIEST B@stards to have this little gem at you disposal.

  • BlackJackShellac

    Did he die from the bite? You know, infected and all cankered up and such.

  • Kenya Howard

    I hope he got a tetanus shot with that raggedy ass mouth

  • Grove Street Nigga No. 3

    Dayum, homie might wanna go and have that arm checked out.

  • Scott Thompson

    She could eat an ear of corn threw a chain link fence.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/stupidshitobamasays Stupid Stuff Obama Says

    Methamphetamine, the wonder drug… from butt ugly to HAWT in 3,2,1….

  • billyboy804

    She BIT him? Now he will become a zombie, too!!!

    • newsjunkiefareal


  • Vicky Blakemore

    I am sorry there are to many places that will help people with teeth like that…

    • newsjunkiefareal

      I concur

  • cetme

    She bit him? I hope he gets a tetanus booster.

  • Miguel

    It would be better just to get rid of those things.

  • Tony Greif

    Relative ?

  • Lori S.

    For gods sake, what has she been eating, rocks??

  • Largebill

    “So Grooms went out drinking and when she came home she told her
    boyfriend she had “f***** everyone else because he would not f*** her.”

    Asked for comment, Everyone Else replied “No, no you didn’t!”

  • Susan Morris


  • Mike Lemke

    I bet if she bit into a piece of cake it would spell Jesus

  • yoda69

    That is why we broke up …

  • Daniel

    She has aweful meth mouth.

    • Star

      Are you a dental professional? You don’t/can’t know , maybe it is meth, but it happens many, many other ways. Educate yourself or shut up. Judge others much? Sad, it is not just you, grow a soul, open your heart.

  • FreeSpeech80

    Her mother would be wise to use this time to get the locks changed.

  • AAA DJ

    I hope he got his Tetanus shot.

  • Mark L Hachey

    WoW thats a nasty case of Meth mouth !

    • Star

      Are you a licensed Dental Professional ,have you examined her? Then you are showing off your ignorance, like so many posting on here. What makes you and the other soul less individuals think you can declare where her dental problems came from? Meth as well as many other prescription meds can cause this. Plus many other things can cause this, like bad enamel. Get a heart!

  • Vicki Dyer

    and i can’t get a boy friend

    • newsjunkiefareal

      I just thinking the same thing

  • Vicki Dyer

    what does he look like??

  • Andrea L. Hayden-Drayton

    She did not only get hit with the ugly stick….she got drug threw the ugly forest. By her feet. Good call Sir. Worth a hit…

  • J.B.

    I don’t know if he is brave or desperate. I think it would be safer to stick ole willie in a bee hive rather than that….woman?

  • J.B.

    ALERT: Someone call Donald trump, we found his old toupee.

  • http://www.rustedsky.net JLawson

    Meth. Bad stuff…

  • janalyn

    I can’t believe anyone would have sex with her. She’s frightful. Her so-called teeth look like sticks. I don’t see how they are called teeth.

    • newsjunkiefareal


  • Shirley

    Omg! She threatened the deputies with a stroller, does that mean she has offspring?

    • *****Queen2B*****

      Of course. I just hope that baby doesn’t look after his mama

  • Jerry K Scott

    I hate to be the one that does dental work on that thing

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  • Anastazi Sarigiannis

    She has a mouth like a bucket full of smashed crabs. Ewwww!

    • newsjunkiefareal


    • *****Queen2B*****

      Hehehehehe. That’s funny.

  • drew

    When she gets out she can be one of those meth models on the public service announcements

  • Joseph Falco

    her teeth look like an explosion at the chiclet factory

  • BlackJackShellac

    I just threw up a whole pack of Pinky Pig Pork Brand Sausage!!!! Then I logged on and saw this story and this lady’s teeth made me sad and cry out for my Mommy.

  • *****Queen2B*****

    This has to be the ugliest woman in Richmond County

  • imongo

    She is uglier than homemade soap, what the hell is going on in that trailer park?

  • ShyShania

    This has to be as jome

  • *****Queen2B*****

    Lord…help us all.

  • Donna Hutto

    Why would any man want to have sex with that?

  • Tanya Wagner-Gilbert

    She looks as though she may have syphilis.

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  • Robert Masters

    Someone please call a dentist.

  • chad

    Looks like a case for sam and dean beacuse that is one but ugly ass vampire

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  • Bryan Johnson

    She looks like she’s been cooking her meth with dirty toilet water… Who can blame him for not wanting to have sex with her??

  • https://twitter.com/StoicKitty Stoic Kitty

    I hope she be getting counseling for domecstic violence.

  • Charles E Taylor

    Judging by the teeth it must have been oral…

  • KnowbodyXXX

    What she needs is a man who will appreciate a woman like her. I don’t know where the hell she would find that, but that’s what she needs.

  • Ankle Biter

    Oh my. Let’s start a GoFundMe for dental work for this poor woman. Anyone? Anyone?

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  • Queef Sniffer

    Looks like she’s sucked on some BBC

  • christneb

    Human Lamprey

  • I Luv Fried Chicken

    I’m sure she wont charge

  • orion58

    She has a boyfriend?! He must be a doozy. I’m surprised she could find ANYONE who’d have sex with her frankly. Girl looks like a methhead vampire.

  • PHIL D

    Put that animal down. She’s freaking gross.

  • Yakov Lanskiy

    Looks like she got into an ax fight with an alligator and lost…..awww maybe she got cheeewwed up at dat’ bar.