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Daniel Davis

DAVIS, DANIEL Inmate ID#: 3294 Home Address City: AIKENDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: ...

  • Christena

    Seriously Richmond County? Improper windshield wipers on a day it wasn’t raining???? Racial profiling, much?

  • Emily

    “Charge: improper windshield wipers”??? I call bullshit. You should be embarrassed for booking this man. I’m disturbed. This is blatant racial profiling.

    • Susan

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    • Barbara

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  • Mizikey D Lindsey

    Even if his windshield wipers were incorrect, are you telling me that our city has the resources to lock jail someone for something so insignificant? Damn! I better go check my wiper blades and make sure they’re up to code! Oh wait, I’m white, so it doesn’t matter.

  • Christopher Ryan Martin

    This is blaten racial profiling if the judge doesn’t throw this out there is something wrong with the justice system

  • The Honest Truth

    This dude spent more time in prison than OJ

  • Darkie

    I’m sure this is one of those fake news right ?

  • The Honest Truth

    Trumps about to send him to Mexico.

  • Tony Page

    Illegal street mod, had to of added 2000 horsepower. How will we ever stop all the ones using high powered turbocharged windshield wipers?