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Barry Davis Jr.

Ex-Cop Arrested for Stabbing at Columbia County Amphitheater!

A Grovetown man who once worked as a sheriff’s deputy was arrested Saturday for punching and stabbing a man during a dispute over a table at the Columbia County Amphitheater.

Davis mugBarry Davis Jr., 26, was charged with battery and released on bond. He is a former deputy with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

His arrest came after a dispute at 11 a.m. Saturday at the amphitheater in Evans. Victim Christopher Jacobson (6′ tall, 210 pounds) told authorities that Davis (6’3″ tall, 253 pounds) tried to steal a table that he was setting up for a children’s birthday party. He told Davis there was a sign that showed that pavilion was first-come, first serve. He asked Davis to move.

“Do you want to fight about it?” Davis allegedly responded.

Davis then pushed the 31-year-old victim repeatedly and punched him in the face. He then pulled out a knife and cut the victim’s hand, a sheriff’s report says. A citizen broke the fight up and Davis then ran into the woods.

Jacobson sustained a large cut on his hand and was taken to Augusta University Medical Center, where he require eight stitches.

The suspect’s sister claims Jacobson approached her brother as Davis was setting up a table, told Davis the table was reserved and then tried to remove a table cloth. “Mr. Davis attempted to place it back when he was pushed by Mr. Jacobson,” the sister told authorities, saying that Davis was acting in self-defense when the fight started.

Authorities say an impartial witness told deputies that she saw Davis walk up to Jacobson and began punching him so hard that the victim could not get up. The woman then saw something in the suspect’s hand that appeared to cut the victim.

Davis told deputies that he ran into the woods “to get away from the situation and make a phone call,” a report says.

Deputy DavisBackground. Davis made news as a RCSO deputy in 2014 when he arrested WJBF Reporter Mike Miller at The Country Club in Augusta.

While ejecting the reporter from the bar, the special-duty officer says Miller tried to grab his taser and accidentally fell into a wall. Miller acknowledged drinking alcohol but denied grabbing the officer’s taser. Miller said at the time that he felt the deputy used excessive force.

Miller suffered large cuts to his face in the fall and was arrested for disorderly conduct, but that charge was dismissed Feb. 3, 2015.

Davis has since left the sheriff’s office and currently works as a “service advisor” at a local car dealership, according to a sheriff’s report.

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  • kgcincy

    Ha! well after this, he probably won’t be working there anymore…

    • Guntoter

      Who cares rouge azz piece of shyte ex cop good riddance.

  • cruelworld85

    All of them think they are above the law… look at the HATE in his eyes….

    • BlackJackShellac

      You see hate. I see ignorant bravado. Most mugshots on here fit your analysis, regardless of past occupation, class or race. Stupid all possess a similar look.

  • AnonyMoose2005

    I suddenly remembered that not every officer involved in the steroid scandal was rounded up…

  • pcloud76

    I don’t know what he’s going through now, but I knew Barry in highschool. He was kind, a decent person, always seemed to want to help in some way or some form. He got made fun of a lot by upper classmen, I witnessed quite a lot of it. After I graduated, he went through a huge change, and became massive. He used to be a skinny, lanky guy, but he really got muscular, and kept in pretty good shape. All I’m saying is don’t judge someone just from the article, and the fact that he was a cop really has nothing to do with the situation. He lost his cool, and for some reason, decided to take out a blade. He didn’t stab the men, he cut his hand, and didn’t cause any critical injury. Whatever happens, I’m sure he’ll suffer some type of consequence, but let’s not throw stones yet.

  • The Honest Truth

    Most innocent people beat someone to the ground, cut them with a knife, and then run away into the woods after they come to their senses. The truth will come out. Also, it was over a F*ing table.

  • Bill Garr

    Funny how all you retards put down the police , but when someone robs you /your home , beats the crap out of you or your stupid kid WHO do you call clue >>>>>>> wait for it ,it’s ain’t the Ghost Busters , hit it Ray Parker ,Jr.

  • AshTag Brewer

    Barry was always a laid back guy. He’s an avid church goer. There is WWWAAAYY more to the story. Never irrational in any circumstances. It’s funny just because he’s tall and in very good shape y’all automatically assume steroids. FYI there is naturally big people. Just because this artists one thing doesn’t mean it’s the truth. There is different story’s in this article itself. For all y’all know this guy could have made a threat to Barry and his kid and he might have snapped. No one knows and no one will…Be regardless let’s not fall victim to something that someone wrote. The truth will come out.