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Grovetown Father Kills Teen Who Snuck In House To See Daughter

Jordan MiddletonA Grovetown man fatally shot a 17-year-old teenager who snuck into his home early Saturday to see the man’s 14-year-old daughter, authorities said.

Derrick Fulton has not been charged in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Middleton (pictured), sheriff’s Maj. Steve Morris said. The teenager had been invited in by the daughter.

“He thought it was an intruder. But no, she invited him in,” Maj. Morris said. “And he bolted out of the closet. (Fulton) shot him once in the chest.”

Maj. Morris called it an unfortunate incident: “Mr. Fulton obviously is remorseful. Everyone in the home was in shock at what had just occurred.”

Authorities got the call at 2:47 a.m. Saturday for a burglary in progress on Coventry Avenue. Deputies arrived to find Jordan dead in the foyer at the home. He had a single gunshot wound to the chest.

The investigation revealed that Jordon went to the house to see a 14-year-old girl who snuck him in. Fulton heard some noise downstairs, retrieved his handgun from a dresser and went downstairs to investigate the noise.

The family dog began barking towards the guest bedroom which was located downstairs, and Fulton called out that he was armed and if there was someone in the house they needed to identify themselves. Fulton yelled out a warning again, authorities said.

“The dog continued to bark and act aggressive toward the guest bedroom. As Mr. Fulton entered the bedroom, Jordan ran out of the closet,” Maj. Morris said. “Mr. Fulton fired one time, striking Jordon in the upper chest.”

Jordan was a student at Grovetown High School. He lived in Grovetown with his mother and aunt.

Editor’s Note: If you have a better photo of Jordan or a memory to share with our readers, please text it to 803-487-3224.


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  • Alton Clark

    Boys will never learn , well some won’t have another chance . Good Job !

    • Dennis Graham

      Seriously? Good Job? I don’t even think the father thinks he did a “good job”.

    • Sonja Minor

      First, I know this child and his mother. She gave over 20 years of her life in the U.S. Army to protect even simple minded individuals such as you Alton Clark. This is a tragic event and you should consider the fact that this is someone’s child that has lost his life. So watch your mouth and show some respect PLEASE. Why don’t you try praying for the individuals involved. This is not a tv show or a video game. Thank you for your attention.

      • Neal Maurice Anderson

        Respect my house or die trying.

        • BlackJackShellac

          Ignorant statement.

          • Courtney Tolliver

            Very ignorant

        • Andrew Austin Casto

          But why are they gonna die if they’re trying to respect your house? Isn’t that what you want?

      • Liberal and Angry

        Sorry for your friend’s loss. No parent should ever have to suffer a loss. But I’m curious, did your friend have a combat MOS? Infantry? Armour? No? Ok, was your friend maybe a medic? Maybe aviation? No? Maybe Army Intelligence? No? So she was just another person with a job, where she happen to wear a green suit to work? She was fortunate the Army gave her a career, instead of you trying to force a “she’s a warrior” down our throats.

    • Lucas Howard


  • Nunzio Bartalino

    He is hiding in the closet–the dog is barking–He is given 2 warnings from the Dad telling him that he is armed. He chooses to outrun a bullet. I do not believe that any more teens will be sneaking into his house. Life is full of choices. Cue the Bad Boyz song. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you. So you open the door and run right at the Dad with a gun. Bad choice. Too late for you. Maybe the 14-year old will learn something. It is her choice.

    • Lucas Howard

      He didn’t run at the dad smh

      • Sam

        No? Did he run through a wall or something?

    • Lori Morrow

      That’s the shooters side of the story that he said to ID yourself and warned he was armed. The victim times 2 can’t give an account. His fast ass daughter should have spoken up telling her dad to wait I’ve got to tell you something but she sat silent like she was asleep. She is the reason this boy is dead. Granted he never should have gone to the home at all and not just 2 in the morning, but the only side of what truly happened will always be one sided.

      • Neal Maurice Anderson

        Making excuses for someone who came running out of my closet. Smdh.

        • BlackJackShellac

          How’s she making “excuses?”

        • No, Really Just Saying

          Making excuses for a girl that invited someone over, didn’t tell her parents, and for a man who maybe/maybe not gave a warning. Cool.

        • Lori Morrow

          No excuse at all. His daughter is partly to blame and should have spoken up. She wasn’t sleep, but in her room pretending to be I’ll beat.

      • Sam

        You do realize there are witnesses that can back up the Dad’s statements…right? Also, he called 911 to report a burglary. What more do you want?

        • Lori Morrow

          Again his daughter should have spoke up

    • lazyintellect

      The 17 year old should have known better. God knows why he was seeing a 14 year old.

  • http://marvel.com/characters/54/spider-man Spider-Man

    Prayers to both families. The father needs to put his daughter on lockdown. Nothing good would happen at 2:40 a.m.

  • disqus_Nr1JL01OlT

    wonder why the kid just didn’t identify himself?

    • April Paulk Johnson

      Like I went over with my children, that’s the difference between kids and adults, he didn’t know how to handle this Situation and its so heartbreaking

      • lazyintellect

        Why was he visiting a 14 year old girl? He’s 17 years old., that’s pretty close to adulthood

        • Jahmar Bingham

          Please stop focusing on this age thing. If you’ve not noticed there’s a much more important factor here, his life. I do understand that legally he was to old but come on! It’s not like we’re talking about a 30yo pervert. They were both highschool students at the same school and he just turned 17 late January. Rest Well Jordan!

          • lazyintellect

            Yeah, he was an idiot of a 17 year old. That’s why he lost his life

          • Jahmar Bingham

            Well I hope and pray that you have 0 kids. For you to say this knowing that kids make bad decisions often and unfortunately he paid the ultimate price. None of us know the true intricate details but when they surface then we can talk. Idiot, really? I personally know this kid and he was an amazing child. Someone may need to have a talk with you in person!

        • duane774

          You sound stupid! As teenagers we all dated between those ages (13 to 17) and it’s natural, normal and only nasty old white men came up with that concept that 14 and 17 are too far apart, because those nasty old white buzzards want the boys untouched so they can entice them easier. The average marriage is 4 to 6 years different. You sound stupid.

    • Jahmar Bingham

      If it went this way it was more than likely fear.

      • disqus_Nr1JL01OlT

        why didn’t the daughter say something?

  • I love Chickn n Waddymelon

    The Good News: 1 less that will be on Welfare

    • Jahmar Bingham

      You’re an ignorant person for saying this. 1st thing let me enlighten you. His family had no need for the system to support them. He’s from a very comfortable and put together home front. Come on man you can’t put your ignorance aside for 1 day? Sheesh!

  • Dee

    All Of Y’all Str8 Jackasses .. Jordan Was My Friend && I’ll Be Dammed If I Let Any Of Y’all Talk Down On Him .. When Your Wrong Your Wrong .. Yes Jordan Was Wrong For Going In Folks House Early In The Morning But That Slut Of A Daughter Should Have Stopped Her Father .. It Doesn’t Matter Jordan Is A Child .. He Still Had A Life Ahead Of Him .. && For The Slut Ass Daughter You Have To Live W. The Fact You Got A Young Man Shot .. It’s Your Fault ..

    • Jonathan Christoffer

      If she’s a slut what does it make him considering he gave his life for a piece of that 14 year old ass.

      When you’re wrong you’re wrong and you’re wrong for judging her that way while defending the dude from the same. It’s a tragedy and sense and reason aren’t often found in tragedies. There’s no point in casting judgement on EITHER children here.

    • Agreton Neevosaiden

      Both of their faults, the kid who is dead and the girl who invited him over. Chances are he was looking for a piece of ass and she was looking for some D. They made a bad decision and paid for it.

    • Sam

      Grow up.

  • Jackie Mitchell

    This is very sad. My condolences to his family and friends. How unfortunate. If his daughter was grown enough to sneak him in the house, she should have spoken up and dealt with the punishment. At least this young man would have his life.

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  • PlanetoftheAtheists

    Guns are for cowards. What a frightened little fool that father is. Needs to spend his life behind bars, if for nothing else than being such a half-man

    • Projekt Kobra

      How samurai of you….I am guessing you do not intend to get into a car accident today.

      Yet I bet you still wear a seatbelt.

      Are you a coward?

      Its a rough world…filled with people who love you, and who are trying to hurt you.

      Better to have a gun and not need it, then to need a gun and not have it.

    • Sam

      Yeah, well that Dad has a right to defend his family and property. If you don’t like it, move to a different country.

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  • lazyintellect

    I don’t understand why ya’ll are throwing a pity party for this 17 year old. He was clearly fooling around with a 14 year old dumbass girl. This is why he acted so suspiciously.

  • Jeep Jop

    Can’t feel bad about any of this. Carry on.

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  • Jose Marquez

    dad is right hi was to protect his family

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