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Illegal Immigrant Without License Kills Fort Gordon Airman in Wreck

Juan Jesus Castillo-ReyesAn illegal alien has been charged with homicide by vehicle in Monday’s deadly interstate crash that killed a young Augusta man stationed at Fort Gordon.

Juan Jesus Castillo-Reyes, 30, from Mexico (pictured at right), has a 48-hour hold by I.C.E. officials after he was charged in the fatality that took the life of 23-year-old Alexander Earles (pictured above), an Airman living in Augusta. The victim was originally from Washington State and was stationed at Fort Gordon.

Castillo-Reyes wasn’t even supposed to be driving! He is charged with homicide by vehicle, too fast for conditions, improper lane change, and driving while unlicensed. The illegal immigrant was living in Augusta on Bennock Mill Road.

According to Columbia County sheriff’s Maj. Steve Morris, “He will be interviewed within the 48 hour window by I.C.E. and then a decision will be made to either remove the hold or upgrade to a full detainer.”

Alexander EarlesCastillo-Reyes was driving a 2004 Ford F250 truck Monday when he slammed into the rear of a vehicle that was stopped in traffic on Interstate I-20 West near mile marker 191. The impact shoved Earles’ car into a vehicle in front of him and killed Earles (pictured at right.)

The victim’s mother, Lorri Earles, posted this on Facebook about her son: “He was just 3 months from leaving the military with some impressive honors. We were all so ready to have him home near family.  Our conversations regularly included the Amazing love and grace of God our Father. We our comforted by the hope we have in knowing we will see him again.”

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  • Deplorable Dove

    Obama’s dreamers

    • AnastasiaBHausen

      Trump’s Tools.

  • http://twitter.com/redheart redheart

    He’s not an immigrant…he’s an illegal alien

  • Qui tacet consentit

    The sad thing is, that he is not the only illegal in the state of Georgia or South Carolina. Heck it seems just like yesterday, i believe it was last year. An illegal was killed on a Job site in Augusta…Sad but True…Let’s just enforce the current laws…RIP My Brother in Arms.

  • drew


  • Dominique Campos

    This isn’t what Earles’ stood for. He wouldn’t want this fear-mongering to come out of this event. He was loving, caring, and understanding. Dont use my friend and the friend of many others to push a political agenda. That’s degrading to the person Earles was.

    • SexForUs


      • Tony Tepedino

        and just who the fk are you to say that’s horseshit…sexforus…shit, you’re not even brave enough to show a pic of yourself or post your name…

        • SexForUs

          We are all free to state what the fk we want to, just like these people are speaking for a dead man, claiming he wanted no borders and no legal entry into this country, that’s who — ya old raggedy fk.

    • ll

      My son worked in Intel Unit at Fort Gordon also for several years. RIP Alex. This is becoming an all too common theme. Whether we come to know absolutely this mans citizenship, we do know that this person had no license or right to drive. ICE is holding him, and will make the right determination for after his incarceration, should he be found guilty and deport him if illegal. Suffolk County Sheriff in NY was just talking yesterday about the problem they are having with ppl crossing border and gang members here in US then recruiting these newbies. This is the exact opposite of what our military stands for, fights for, and protects all of us for. I don’t take it as a political issue, but as a human issue. ALL lives matter. Nafarious actions, whether they are here or in North Korea, THAT is what people like Alex protect. I do know that for certain.

  • Tony Tepedino

    don’t deport him or put him in prison…shoot him and then hang his head on a post outside fort gordon’s main gate…it’s time we stopped this killing of our citizens by illegal aliens….and yes, this really pisses me off…

  • Willis Peters

    Google “Munoz Kershaw motorcycle” also had no license or insurance

  • Anthony BK Lehmann

    Does anyone have proof of the suspect’s immigration status, or are all of you bastards going to use Earles’ death as a political sword? Have you no respect for our military?

  • BlackJackShellac

    Which local contractor loaned him the truck?