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Home Invaders

In North Augusta, Elderly Man Answers Knock to Find 3 Robbers on His Porch

Three youth have been charged with a week-old home invasion on an elderly North Augusta man whose only mistake was answering his door.

Desmond Mazzini Cooper, 20, of Trenton (top photo, from left); Jamarus Boyd, 17, of North Augusta, and Cortez Bennett, 18, of North Augusta, were all charged with burglary, kidnapping and weapon possession.

From a North Augusta press release:

On Wednesday night, February 1, 2017 shortly before 11 pm, three unidentified black males forcibly entered the home of 81-year old Robert Dooley in Lynhurst subdivision.  Once inside, the suspects held Dooley at gunpoint and stole various pieces of property (TVs, laptop, jewelry and cash) before they fled the scene in an unknown vehicle.  Mr. Dooley was physically unharmed during the altercation.

Shortly thereafter, an officer responding to the call, found a suspicious vehicle in close proximity to the Dooley home abandoned with several pieces of electronics in and around the car that were quickly confirmed to belong to the victim, Robert Dooley.  Public Safety seized the vehicle and secured it for further processing at Headquarters.

Early the following morning, the owner of the car came to Public Safety Headquarters to report his car stolen.  Detectives with Public Safety already having information to the contrary, were able to get the owner to implicate two potential suspects who had borrowed his car the night before.  After a series of interrogations, it was determined that the car owner and the other two conspired in unison to break into the Dooley home and rob him.

Cover Issue 837Public Safety’s investigation led to the positive identification of the three males that committed the crimes. All have been arrested and are currently incarcerated at the Aiken County Detention Center.

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  • kiwiinamerica

    Check out the ‘tude. No signs of remorse or any acknowledgment of wrongdoing.

    These guys are flatliners……..no moral pulse.

    • BlackJackShellac

      Citizens need to start making them true flatliners.

  • BlackJackShellac

    Arm yourselves and answer your door with pistol in hand and safety off. Let’s start filling the morgue instead of the jail and this bs will stop.

  • BlackJackShellac

    Jail report gets darker and darker every week… jail doesn’t fix crime. Cops show up after the fact. Defend your life and property, folks.

  • Bill Garr

    why damn, it’s Larry, Moe & Curly , center convict has that loser look ,one that reads I just don’t give a …… he is most likely the ring leader , goes with out saying folks , go out & buy a gun & learn how to use it and when you draw it empty it ! You CAN”T NOT hesitate at all because that’s what these puke punks are wanting you to do ! ! ! think of ti this way, you are standing in front of a wild rabid animal fixing to attack you and rip out your throat , what the he// are you going to do ? ? ?

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