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Cayden Nichols

NICHOLS, CAYDEN Inmate ID#: 133188 Home Address City: AIKENDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: M   Race: ...

  • Anna Bobanna

    Another contestant for Ms. AugustaDrugFace. Notice the thinning hair, permanent dark circles around her eyes, and splotchy skin. I bet the shower she got at intake was the first one she’s had in weeks. She’s showing real potential, but the competition lately is pretty fierce.

    What do you think guys? I bet within hours of her parents posting bail, she’s shooting up again. If she doesn’t O.D. first, her next mugshot should be real Ms. AugustaDrugFace finalist material.

    • DelFuego

      Since you asked what we think I will feel free to oblige. I think your condescending remarks are indicator of the type of person you are. I see a person who obviously has a major problem and needs all the help and support she can get. Whether that comes from family, friends or the state the young lady like so many others needs help. Not all people have the luxury of passing judgement from the anonymity of their keyboard. Perhaps you are not passing judgement but merely despise drug abusers. That is fine and certainly your right. I suspect you feel better about yourself when you can comment on others faults and minimizing your own. Anyway that’s what I think. Thanks for asking.

      • kiwiinamerica

        Well aren’t you just the saintly, politically correct, model of perfection! Except when you’re passing judgment on those who pass judgement. Ooops….your halo is slipping!

        Run along and rescue a meth head from a cheap motel room and leave the rest of us sickos to comment on the mug shots, church lady.

        • DelFuego

          Thank you for recognizing my superior qualities. With a little effort perhaps you can enjoy the same. In the meantime enjoy your time with the sickos. By the way I want you to know that you are not a bad person. Perhaps a bit emotionally stunted but a good person.

        • Anna Bobanna

          If you see anybody on here that looks like she could be the next Ms. AugustaDrugFace, feel free to nominate them. These ladies work hard to destroy their looks, lives, relationships, and families. We should recognize all their hard work.

          • DelFuego

            Yes I’m sure their families appreciate you wanting to just rub it in further like they don’t have enough stress in their lives. Keep up the good work. I’m sure eventually you will feel better about yourself.