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Juana Palomares

Lakeside High Student Claims Rape After Cheating on Boyfriend

A Lakeside High School student was charged with a felony Thursday after making up a rape story, authorities said.

Palomares 1Juana Elizabeth Palomares, 17, told investigators that someone raped her before school Monday while she was throwing away trash at a dumpster near her home. She said the rapist grabbed her from behind, pinned her up against the fence surrounding the dumpster and raped her, according to a sheriff’s report.

The teen said she went to school and threw her panties away in a dumpster behind the Evans school. On Monday night, she told someone about the rape and was taken to University Hospital, where she agreed to have a rape kit done.

Part of the teen’s problem was that investigators stayed up late Monday, diving into dumpsters for her panties and hunting for her rapist. They found nothing. And school surveillance video shows the teen never threw anything in a dumpster, sheriff’s Investigator Ryan Whittle said.

Investigators eventually realized she had lied to cover up a sexual encounter she had Monday afternoon with a student who was not her boyfriend.

“She felt guilty about it,” Investigator Whittle said. “She ended up saying she was raped and it snowballed from there.”

Palomares was charged Thursday with making false statements in a government matter, a felony.

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  • Jay Smart

    She should be charged as a sexual offender.

    • jdgalt

      And her name, Juana Elizabeth Palomares, should be made public, even if under-age, just as his would have been if the police had believed her story and arrested him.

  • Whothehell Cares

    Put her on the sexual offenders list.

  • 420greg

    She must be taking it pretty hard since they have her in a suicide suit.

    • Roy Chin

      a suicide suit??? sorry, but this is one of my best friends, so i feel like i have to know… i don’t even know what to say now… just so worried for her now…

      • 420greg

        The guys in this article are wearing them. You can se it is the same smock they have her in http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2007/12/whats_an_antisuicide_smock.html

      • someofyouarereallystupid

        Your best friend is a piece of garbage. Had the police not watched those tapes, a man would be sitting in jail waiting for his trial. A trial that more than likely was going to put him in prison.

        If she is suicidal, it’s only because she got caught and is now playing the pity-party card.

        • Offensive Atheist

          First off, she didn’t try to blame anyone specific for raping her. She made it sound as if it were a random stranger. Therefore, a suspect would have never been found. Second, have you never been 17 before? Kids that age are not known to be the best decision makers. So get off your soap box and recognize what this really is. It’s just a little girl who got in over her head and made a really bad decision.

          Quit being such a judgmental a-hole. Kids make stupid mistakes. This does not make her a piece of garbage, it makes her human. I am sure she is sorrowful for her misgivings and has learned a very HARD lesson.

          • someofyouarereallystupid

            Yes I was 17. I did stupid things, but those stupid things never involved pinning a rape on someone that never happened. I’m very well familiar with kids screwing up. When I was in high school, we all knew girls and guys that cheated, but they never cried rape. Idiot. Yes you. Real rape victims have a different opinion on your comments.
            I think everyone should get a chance, and she should too. I agree, she didn’t name anyone and shouldn’t go to jail. It’s a hard lesson learned and I doubt she’ll do it again, but don’t come at me with your white knight mentality, it’s disgusting.

          • Offensive Atheist

            So, out of one side of your mouth you call the girl garbage, and now you think she deserves a chance? You obviously have no opinion.

            Also, I never said she didn’t deserve to be locked up, because she does. What she did was a felony, and it should be treated as such. But I also realize, she is just a kid that made a bad mistake that she hopefully learns from.

            BTW, I have come to realize that you only post comments to get attention and to be a d-head. And look! You’ve succeeded at both! Congratulations, d-head.

          • Tom

            Kids make stupid mistakes. Yes. However, as a society through the ways we treat rape we have enabled this behavior. This isn’t a stupid mistake. This is on par with calling in a bomb threat. Yes, we do stupid things but there comes a time when you have to look at the stupid thing a teenager did and realize that some level of punishment is needed. Teenagers drink and drive. Do we then look at them and say “Well, they are teenagers. What did you do when you were a teenager?” and then let them off with a warning? No we give them punishment for the DUI. Same thing with murder. In fact, in many states a teenager who commits murder and are 15 they are treated as an adult. I am also very sure that those teenagers who commit DUIs or kill others are sorrowful for their misgivings and will tell the judge that they have learned their lesson the hard way. That, however, is not the way the law works. It is also not the way the law should work.

          • Offensive Atheist

            I never said she wasn’t deserving of punishment. She needs to be punished. What she did was a felony. What she doesn’t deserve is to be called garbage, included on a sexual offender list, and demonized. If this was a recurring event, then let the demonizing commence. Otherwise, chalk it up to a stupid mistake made by a child and once she does her time (whatever punishment is doled out) let her live the rest of her life without this hovering over her.

          • Valsig

            False rape accusations don’t warrant calling someone garbage. Bullshit. What if they had found the guy she’d slept with?

          • The Honest Truth

            They found the guy she slept with, she admitted to it, made up the rape story because she felt guilty she cheated on her boyfriend.

      • Chris

        your friend is a pile of S@!#.

        • Offensive Atheist

          Says Mr. Perfect who has never made a mistake. Get over yourself. It’s hateful idiots like yourself that could cause this child to take her own life. She made a mistake and now she is paying for it. People in glass houses…

          • Tom

            I am sure he never attempted to ruin a strangers life or waste police resources with a false accusation because he couldn’t take responsibility for his actions.

      • Offensive Atheist

        Make sure you support her and watch her closely. Let her know even though she made a stupid mistake, it’s not the end of the world. She still has a bright future ahead of her and as long as she has learned a lesson, then that can be considered something positive to take from all of this.

        She’s not the first 17 year old girl to make a mistake as bad as this, and she won’t be the last. Let her know not everyone is a hateful a-hole, some people are more understanding than others. If she stays strong, this too shall pass.

        • Koldobika2020

          You make me sick.

          • Offensive Atheist

            Happy to oblige! :)

        • jdgalt

          Trying to get an innocent person put in prison isn’t a “mistake”. It’s deliberate and evil. She should get the same punishment he would have, including having to register as a sex offender for life.

          • Offensive Atheist

            I didn’t realize you knew her so intimately and why would you register her as a sex offender? Do you even know the law? Oh, who am I kidding? You obviously think you know it all but in reality know nothing. Typical.

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