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Martinez Teacher Beats Preschool Child with American Flag Pole

A Martinez preschool teacher has been arrested after a 4-year-old pupil said she beat him with an American flag pole, authorities said.

Teacher suspectShannon McCune, 27 (pictured), was charged Friday with two counts of cruelty to children – causing excessive physical or mental pain.  She remains in jail under a $35,200 bond.

The alleged incidents took place at the suspect’s workplace, the Foundations Christian Preschool on South Belair Road in Martinez.

A boy’s mother called authorities in October and said she picked up her son from the preschool and noticed he had bruise on his back. She also said his behavior had changed since he started going to Foundations Christian Preschool. The mother said she believed her son was being abused by someone.

A deputy noticed bruises on the boy’s shoulder and hip and took pictures. An investigation led to charges Friday against the teacher, who lives in Augusta.

According to warrants, McCune is accused of child cruelty on two children: a 4 year old and a 5 year old. She allegedly grabbed a child’s arms and hit him with a yard stick, and she allegedly hit the other child with a flag pole that carried the American flag.

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  • kiwiinamerica

    Next time, use a Mexican or Canadian flagpole. The little monsters don’t deserve an American flagpole.

    • Janet Cherokee Glabas

      Not funny…..she was there to teach and protect that child and EVERY child in that class.

    • BlackJackShellac

      If you’re trying to be funny, don’t. Child abuse is off limits, you ignorant p.o.s.

      • kiwiinamerica

        Define “child abuse”.

        One thing is certain; its meaning in 2017 is completely different from its meaning in 1950 or 1960. Corporal punishment was a routine part of school life when I was in elementary school and high school. Was that “child abuse”? Is whacking a disobedient brat, “child abuse”? All of the teachers who taught me would be considered criminals by today’s standards. They weren’t. They were good men and women who helped to form a generation of adults that was more law-abiding, respectful and decent than most of today’s self-absorbed trash which is constantly whining about its “entitlements”.

        Maybe the current case qualifies as “child abuse”. Maybe it doesn’t. The story gives few facts. What was the “flagpole” which was allegedly used? Did she cut down the 20 ft school flagpole and use that or was this a small, hand-held “flagpole” like those waved by kids in parades? Any physical contact between an adult and child is now defined as “child abuse” in some places and will get you arrested and Georgia appears to be such a place. I don’t buy that definition and I’m proud to announce that I whacked my kids when I thought they deserved it.

        Now arrest me.

        • BlackJackShellac

          No one needs to arrest you..pop you in your mouth: definitely. You’re basing your argument on what was considered this or that 60 and 70 years ago. Sorry, Grampus..your argument doesn’t fly; except inside your small mind. Your comment was ignorant and just made to stir a laugh or two from other morons looking in.. Not nearly as lucid as your follow-up to criticism, which says a lot about your character. Since you wrote a treatise on what constitutes child abuse, I’m sure you’re very qualified at something. What, I don’t care to know. But I do know this.. No matter the facts and your attempt to offset the situation with comparison (the tool of fools), you’re a sad excuse for an adult and a coward for making a stupid joke about a 4 year old little boy that got hurt by an adult.

          • kiwiinamerica

            Ad hominem drivel. You’re embarrassing yourself.

            Got kids? Ever slapped them? Never known anyone who did or does? No, we’re not talking about 60 or 70 years ago. We’re talking about the 21st century.


          • BlackJackShellac

            Nice try.

  • Jessica Gartrell

    The mother suggested someone was abusing her child maybe the mother herself was abusing her child.

    • Brandi Herring

      I’m sure there was video evidence for her to be arrested! Plus, the director was also arrested for not reporting it.

      • Jessica Gartrell

        Oh wow so sad

  • Ashton DeArman
    • kiwiinamerica

      Good find!

  • http://newstoter.com/ Newstoter.com

    This woman is a danger to society.