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SAPP, JAMIE Inmate ID#: 3690 Home Address City: AIKENDrivers Lic State: Bio:     Sex: F   Race: ...

  • Cuz’n Pete

    A hot ass mess!!!! That leave out is horrible. That’s what her ass get take care of them babies u dumbass broad. Chasing a nigga that’s for everybody

    • Monsharee

      It’s very much understanding, and well enough respected on how much of a fan you are😂 such a misunderstanding and multiple judgemental aspects coming an ignorant individual who I haven’t heard of nor known in any way, I’m very pleased you’re interested in doing inaccurate homework or even so much as being misinformed about me. Of course my hair is fucked up “ I fought the police” and last but not least my 3 are very well taken care of 😂 it pays nothing to mind your own miserable low life, bald head wig wearing ass mama, penny hustling ass life sir😂 thanks for the fan mail miserable bitch‼️✌🏾 If you knew me you should’ve known I was coming😂😭 Sit on this🖕🏾and mind ya business next lil bre bre