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Richmond County

Thomas Culbreath

Thomas Culbreath, 48, of Augusta, Marijuana possession with intent to distribute, possession of controlled substance

Full Name Culbreath, Thomas Eugene Arrest Date 5/19/2017 Race White Sex Male Age 48 YEARS OLD No. Charge – MARIJUANA POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE, POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE Bond Disposition

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Steven Waters

Steven Waters, 62, of Augusta, Magistrate's court warrant

Full Name Waters, Steven Craig Arrest Date 5/19/2017 Race White Sex Male Age 62 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 MAGISTRATE’S COURT WARRANT $170.00

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Shuntario Bradley

Shuntario Bradley, 34, of Atlanta, Printing or executing checks knowing false account

Full Name Bradley, Shuntario Arrest Date 5/19/2017 Race Black Sex Female Age 34 YEARS OLD No. Charge – PRINTING OR EXECUTING CHECKS KNOWING FALSE ACCOUNTS Bond Disposition

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Hal Gaddis

Hal Gaddis, 43, of Augusta, State court bench warrant

Full Name Gaddis, Hal Jeremy Arrest Date 5/19/2017 Race White Sex Male Age 43 YEARS OLD No. Charge – STATE COURT BENCH WARRANT Bond Disposition

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