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Verdi Krepps

Pair Shoots Hephzibah Man Five Times & Leaves Body in Shed

A pair of Richmond County friends were charged Monday in the death of a Hephzibah man whose body was found dumped in a shed with five gunshots.

Vaughn Austin Verdi, 23, of Augusta (above left), and William Krepps, 23, of Hephzibah, were both charged with murder and weapon possession in the death of 27-year-old Chad V. Garner.

GARNER CHADGarner’s body was discovered Sunday morning inside a shed at 4401 Peach Orchard Road after someone called authorities. (Garner is pictured at right.)

Authorities say the pair shot Garner five times, including twice in the back of the head and once each in the chest, back and tricep. They used a Black High Point 9 mm, which was later found wrapped in a towel inside a garage of Krepps’ family residence.

Both suspects are felons and weren’t even supposed to have a gun. That earned them both an additional charge of weapon possession by a convicted felon.

Verdi has a felony conviction for entering an automobile with the intent to commit theft. Krepps was convicted a few months ago of kidnapping.

Krepps photoKrepps Violent History. Krepps was released from jail in February after two years awaiting trial for a 2014 rape and kidnapping case. He pleaded guilty to the kidnapping charge and prosecutors dropped the rape charge. Judge Sheryl B. Jolly released him with time served and probation.

Krepps (shown here in a Facebook photo) was wearing a mask in 2014 when he secured a woman’s hands with duct tape inside a local house and then choked her into unconsciousness when she woke up.

It was part of a bizarre scheme by 43-year-old Ricky Lee Darby to win the victim’s affections by “saving” the woman. He told police that his friend Krepps took it too far.

According to the victim, she was drugged while having dinner with Darby and woke up in a house with the masked man over her. After being choked, she awoke a second time in bed with Darby, a disabled man who told her she could have sex with him or with the other strangers in the house.

Last year, Darby pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and got a 10-year prison sentence.

Verdi’s History. In November 2014, Verdi was one of two men arrested for entering autos at the Select Auto Sales on Tobacco Road in Augusta at 2 in the morning.

Verdi photoVerdi (shown here in a Facebook photo) was charged with five counts each of entering a vehicle to commit theft and criminal trespass.  The owner of the business called 911 after an alarm was triggered at the back of his property.

He pleaded guilty to every charge in March 2015 and was given probation by Judge Carl C. Brown Jr.

Note: If you have a better photo of Chad Garner or a memory to share, please text it to The Jail Report at 803-487-3224.



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  • Bill Garr

    It figures ! ! ! No need to say it ! ! !

  • RayNAiken

    Didn’t kidnapping used to be a federal crime? And a capital crime at that???? And he was back on the street in a year?????? are you kidding me. Who is running that nut house called a court house over there?

  • william dunne

    Way to go Judge Jolly on keeping the citizens safe in Augusta…you had a chance to keep this POS in jail yet you let him out…total disgrace.

  • Mark Anthony Jenkins

    It doesn’t become a Federal kidnapping charge unless the person is taken across state lines. Moving a person or holding a person against their will is kidnapping and handled within the state. Once you cross the state line with that person, it becomes Federal.

  • cruelworld85

    Where’s the march???

  • John Doe

    These have got to be the 2 dumbest criminals ever. Hide the murder weapon in his own trash? Somebody must be going for the dimenshed capacity defence, and it may work…

  • BlackJackShellac

    Trash killing trash. Next…

    • Tommy Garner

      You deserve to be killed.

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        In due time, Tommy Boy. btw: Tommy is a very cute name for a boy; I once knew a girl named Tommie. A little different.. Her momma just dropped the “Y.” Kinda like how you dropped the Y chromosome.

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  • R. Wilson

    How in the hell is it even acceptable for a rape charge to be dropped for ANYTHING short of the defendant being found not guilty????!!!!!

    • cruelworld85

      Idk maybe the color of their skin…what else could it be

      • R. Wilson

        Why would color have anything to do with it?

        • cruelworld85

          Since it doesn’t affect you it doesn’t exist right….. # googleWillielynch…
          #Also google this a judge just let a man out of jail who got caught with homemade explosives and a framed picture of Timothy Mc. Veigh and the judge said the man wasn’t a threat. ….lol let’s not act like it has nothing to do with it….or you are one of them.

          • R. Wilson

            I’ll tell you who I’m NOT one of! I’m not someone who goes around spewing this racist garbage at people so I can play victim and take the focus off of the actual victim (in this case the woman who was raped and served a large dose of injustice)! Who cares what color any of the people involved are?! YOU DO! THAT’S WHO! Let me tell you something that you are OBVIOUSLY too ignorant to understand, BUDDY! Racism comes in every color. And since YOU are the one bringing up color here, I’ll tell you something else you are too ignorant to recognize: YOU ARE THE ONLY RACIST HERE! Move along, racist! I don’t want you spilling any of your hate on me.

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          • BlackJackShellac

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