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Rendezvous Club-Goer Throws Drink on Augusta Deputy, Instantly Regrets It

Shakeela McNair, 30, of Augusta, Simple battery against a police officerA customer who was being bounced at “Club Rendezvous at 3” was arrested after throwing a drink on the special-duty deputy who was kicking her out, authorities said.

Shakeela McNair, 30 (pictured at right), of Vandivere Road, Augusta, was charged early Saturday with simple battery against a police officer.

Cpl. James Ouzts (pictured at right, in uniform) was working special duty at the Gordon Highway business at 1:55 a.m. Saturday when he saw McNair and another woman involved in an argument.

Cpl. James OuztsHe told them to stop fighting and leave the club. He even escorted McNair 10 feet away from the woman. The deputy heard the arguing continuing, so he approached the other woman.

“At that time, McNair threw a full cup of ice and an unknown type of alcohol drink,” the officer wrote in his report. “The cup, ice and liquid struck me on the left side of my head and face, drenching me in the liquid.”

Cpl. Ouzts reacted by taking McNair into custody, handcuffing her and taking her to jail for simple battery on a police officer.

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    Couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop and deal with that $hit.

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    This is the type of woman my pappy always told me about . Troglodyte , gotta find a woman, gotta find a women ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! phew that was close ! ! ! !

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    I like your hair though