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Bobby Daniel

Bobby Daniels Sr, 32, of Hephzibah, Burglary, simple battery, criminal damage to property, order to show cause x2

Full Name Daniel, Bobby Arrest Date 4/14/2017 Race Black Sex Male Age 32 YEARS OLD No. Charge – BURGLARY, SIMPLE BATTERY, CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE X2 Bond Disposition

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Jake Irby

Jake Irby, 17, of Augusta, Simple battery

Full Name Irby, Jake Seth Arrest Date 4/12/2017 Race White Sex Male Age 17 YEARS OLD No. Charge Bond Disposition 1 SIMPLE BATTERY FAMILY VIOLENCE

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Saul Soltero, 51, Simple battery

  Name:  SOLTERO, SAUL EDGAR Age:  51 YEARS OLD Race / Sex:  WHITE / MALE Arrest Date:  4/5/2017 Release Date:  CHARGE:   SIMPLE BATTERY      

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Marion Glaser, 40, Simple battery

  Name:  GLASER, MARION WILHELMINA Age:  40 YEARS OLD Race / Sex:  WHITE / FEMALE Arrest Date:  4/6/2017 Release Date:  CHARGE:  SIMPLE BATTERY      

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Cora Mccrary

Cora McCrary, 32, of Hephzibah, Simple battery

Full Name Mccrary, Cora Lee Arrest Date 4/7/2017 Race Black Sex Female Age 32 YEARS OLD No. Charge – SIMPLE BATTERY Bond Disposition 1 HOLD SUBJECT DO NOT RELEASE

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Anna Hausam

Anna Hausam, 36, of Augusta, Marijuana possession, simple battery

Full Name Hausam, Anna Veronica Arrest Date 4/6/2017 Race White Sex Female Age 36 YEARS OLD No. Charge – MARIJUANA POSSESSION, SIMPLE BATTERY Bond Disposition

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