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The Greenbrier Grinches… They Skipped School to Break Into Homes

BurglarsTwo Greenbrier High students were skipping school to break into affluent homes in Riverwood and Windmill plantations, stealing guns, jewelry and money, authorities said.

Lindon Oliver Leseburg, 17 (top left photo), and Benjamin Thomas Howard, 17, both of Evans, were charged Monday with five counts of burglary. Both are juniors in high school.

The teens would ring doorbells at their targeted homes and go inside if no one answered, sheriff’s Maj. Steve Morris said.

In one of their last break-ins on March 7, a woman inside a home on Darling Way heard the doorbell ring around 11:15 a.m. She didn’t answer, but she saw the two young men run around the back of her house and break her window. The 44-year-old woman yelled, and the suspects ran to their vehicle and left.

Maj. Morris said the description of the teens and their vehicle – along with video evidence of them in the vehicle – helped identify Leseburg and Howard as the serial burglars. Both confessed, and much of the jewelry and guns were recovered from a wooded area, where they had stashed them. The cash was not recovered.

In all, four homes in Riverwood were broken into and one in Windmill, Maj. Morris said. One was hit in January, two in February and the last two on March 7.

In some of the break-ins, the homes were unsecured. In the others, the homeowners had alarms, but they weren’t activated. There’s a lesson there, Maj. Morris said.

“If you have a system, activate it,” he said. “It’s useless turned off.”

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  • Bill Garr

    Well if I had to pick two cards from the deck it would be the jokers , just two more clowns, instead of the prince of thieves these two are the fools of stupidity. Sorry, stupid and too lazy to work for what they want . Y’all really made your parents proud today ! But the real kicker to me is that Lindon’s initials are L.O.L . Really fitting ,who’s laughing now . To bad they didn’t take some of the money they stole and used it to get hair cuts ! ! !

    • Gretchen Brace

      i needed this, seeing as the one on the right is (soon to be was) my boyfriend. you made me laugh so hard. all i can say to him is stupid stupid stupid stupid….

      • Bill Garr

        when you say that to him ……….. say it R…. E…. A…. L…. S…. L…. O…. W…. wouldn’t won’t him to miss understand

  • Bill Garr

    you are welcome ! ! ! , may the force be with you ! and remember this one,” you chose wisely “

    • Gretchen Brace

      haha, thanks. i should have seen this coming. funny thing is im a law student.

  • BlackJackShellac

    Lucky kids. I don’t answer my door, but am heavily armed just in case two homely teens (like dumb and dumber here) or anybody else decides to break in. These two bone-heads are just lucky to be alive.

    • Bill Garr

      Well Jack it goes to that old question – – – – in all that confusion I can’t remember if I shot 5 times or 6 times , well punk do ya fell lucky, well do ya ? I too fell the same way ,you may get in my house….. that was easy, getting out might prove to be a little more difficult , I just love a moving target , keeps my attention ! ! !

  • kiwiinamerica

    I hearby sentence you to 12 hours of community service and let that be a lesson to you, young man!!!

  • Gretchen Brace

    I just hope ben learns…..havent seen him in a month now and hes my boyfriend…wanna slap him in the face and hug him and slap him again. hes not all bad. just crazy stupid at times.