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Suspect CC2

Wanted: Sleepy Coffee Drinker Steals a Load from Grovetown Walmart

Suspect CC

A thief with a desire for bed sheets and a coffee maker is being sought after stealing a load of stuff from the Grovetown Walmart.

Columbia County authorities say the man pictured here entered the Walmart on Dec. 28 and loaded a plastic tote into his cart. He then put an air mattress and bed sheets inside and left the store without paying for the tote. The thief loaded the items into a maroon vehicle.

Next, the brazen thief re-entered the store, loaded up a cart with a coffee maker and a blender and left without paying for those items either!

The value of the stolen items was $423.

Recognize the guy? Please call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 706-541-2800.

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  • BlackJackShellac

    The Grovetown Wal-Mart seems to be the new hot spot for the five finger discount. Hellajob you guys are doing with security there in Groovytown.

  • kiwiinamerica

    Mo’ free stuff!

  • Bill Garr

    Aw, he’s just gots tired of sleepin’ in da trunk, gives him a break. As for the coffee maker he swiped I’am thinking he took that to keep the toaster he stole from Sears to keep it company ,never know about these morons today ,least ways they don’t try to steal the hub caps off your car while you are driving the street any longer, they finally got wise to the bad thinking on that one ! ! !