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Again! Augusta Teen Has Sex With Another 14-Year-Old Girl


An Augusta teen had sex with another 14-year-old girl last month while awaiting trial for an October sexual assault on a different girl, according to authorities.

Darreon Curry, 18, is being held in jail on new charges of statutory rape, enticing a child for indecent purposes and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He was arrested Monday.

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In the newest case against Curry, the teen is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl over the holidays. Warrants say that Curry contacted the girl over Facebook, picked her up from her mother’s house and got her high off marijuana at his house before having sex with her.

The girl is from a split family and went to stay with her mom on Dec. 29, but went missing around 11 p.m. Dec. 29 while her mother was sleeping.

“She was picked up by Curry and went to his residence on 3501 Snowden Drive,” a sheriff’s report says.

That’s where the girl says she agreed to have sex with Curry. The girl called her stepmother the next morning and asked the stepparent to pick her up from a convenience store. When she was picked up, the girl was crying and upset.

Her stepmother took her to University Hospital to get checked out. They did not contact authorities about the case until the next day after the girl’s father asked authorities to press charges.

Curry-2The other case. Curry’s arrest comes just a few months after his Oct. 2 arrest for statutory rape on another 14-year-old girl.

In that case, the girl ran way from home Oct. 1 after asking Curry to pick her up from her home. They ended up back at his home, where she had sex with him. Afterward, she told Curry that she was going to call the police on him, and he left the residence. The rest of the day, the girl said she spent time with Curry’s sister.

The girl told investigators that she was upset that Curry “played her” and she wanted him to get into trouble. He was arrested and those charges are pending.


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Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


    • Ain’t it the truth ! ! ! His lawyer will probably use the “addicted to sex ” ploy saying he “just ” couldn’t control his animalistic cravings .He now will understand them a little more clearly , I think ! ! ! Good luck, Mr. Bungle in the jungle Curry! ! !

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