Victim Garrick Kelly

An Aiken County man was fatally shot on Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Garrick Kelly, 28, was shot on the 200 block of Robert Street in Salley, according to Coroner Darryl Ables. The coroner’s office was called at 4:49 p.m. Thursday, and Kelly was pronounced dead on the scene from a gunshot wound.

At the time of this posting Thursday night, the sheriff’s office had not released any information or announced any arrest.

Kelly will be autopsied tomorrow morning in Newberry, SC.

The victim is already being remembered online. His child’s mother, identified on Facebook as Dria Leigh, posted this about Garrick: “He is and always will be the only man for me. I don’t need nobody but you Garrick Kelly and I know you’ll always be with me. Thank you for this amazing son of yours and thank you for all you’ve taught me, and you have taught me so much! I promise I’ll reach that full potential you always seen in me. I love you my angel, I’ll dream of you every night. All the stress is gone my love! Rest easy!”

Note: If you have a better photo or a memory of Garrick, please text it to The Jail Report at 803-487-3224.