Aiken public safety officials have released new information on the arrest of a serial sex offender.

Aron Salmeri, 39, of Warrenville, is accused of going into the women’s restroom at the Aiken Walmart on Nov. 15.

It was 3 in the morning when he stripped naked and opened a stall just after a 46-year-old Walmart manager had pulled down her pants, a public safety report says. The store is located on Richland Avenue West.

“(He) stood in front of her while he was completely naked,” a public safety report said. “She quickly ducked under the subject’s arms and ran out of the restroom as she was screaming for help, at which time other employees came to assist her.”

Other employees saw the suspect exit the store out of the grocery side, wearing all black overalls. He left in a Ford truck with a red camper top.

An investigation led to Salmeri’s arrest on Friday for Peeping Tom and indecent exposure.

As The Jail Report told you on Sunday, Salmeri is a registered sex offender with arrests from across the country. Salmeri has a long history of sex crimes that stretch from California to Arkansas, and now into South Carolina. (Previous story here.)

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