Freddie Robinson II, 40, of Augusta, Aggravated assault, stalking

Freddie Edwin Robinson’s ex-girlfriend has filed at least seven reports of harassment against the Augusta man, including a Sept. 24 incident where he allegedly came to her home and pointed a gun at her.

Authorities arrested him on Thursday for aggravated assault and stalking, but a judge granted him bond and he was released early Tuesday. Now, the victim said she fears for her safety despite being cordial with him after their March break-up.

Among the victim’s claims:

• Robinson has contacted her from different numbers. After receiving a text or call from an unknown number, she would block it and then receive calls or texts from a different number.

• She said Robinson has driven by her house on Jeanne Road, parked in front of her house, and then texted and called her from unknown numbers to berate her.

• On Sept. 24, Robinson came to her residence uninvited. He hit the button on her Ring-brand doorbell on the side of her house and then covered the camera so that she could not see him. Then, he did the same thing at the front door. Finally, she came out of the residence to confront Robinson. “Mr. Robinson began cussing at her, pulled a black pistol and pointed at her,” a sheriff’s report says. “At that point, she backed into the house, closed the door, and Mr. Robinson left.”

• On Sept. 28, Robinson came over and was “talking crazy about her talking to other guys,” even though they have been separated since March, a sheriff’s report says. Robinson has been texting her from a Text now App talking about this incident after being told to leave her alone and not to text her.

“She is worried, because she has known Robinson to put hands on other females and their relationship turned toxic,” the report says.

The victim said she planned to take out a Temporary Restraining Order against Robinson.

Robinson II, 40 years old, of 98 Boy Scout Road, is the same man convicted a decade ago of reckless conduct and carrying a concealed weapon. A judge sentenced him to four months in prison for those crimes.

Freddie Robinson mugshot from 2011 for reckless conduct and carrying a concealed weapon