An Augusta woman is wanted for battery for a brutal hair-dragging assault on another woman at Little Ceasars. See the report below.

The alleged attack by suspect Brittany Kennedy was captured on video and spread like wildfire on Facebook. Richmond County authorities confirm that Kennedy is being sought for the attack on victim Emily Broadwater.

Here is the sheriff’s report that spells out what happened:



    • It was over a guy and the saddest part of all is the victims child witnessed his mother being savagely beaten over one d***! That is going to scar that child forever!!! I pray she fights for punitive damages to the fullest extent! She’s got a strong case for sure. I cant believe the person above your comment thinks otherwise and sarcastically asked another,”what law school did you attend?” Seriously, dont make comments/jokes trying to sound intelligent if you know deep inside that maybe your (his) opinion doesnt hold any weight right!? It’s common sense that she has a strong case. That’s why that lawyer jumped right on it. Its repulsive to hear someone taking this lightly like it’s nothing. That could’ve been anyone’s daughter,sister,mother,etc…But ignorant people who choose to act narcissistic rather than human, will look foolish in the end. I dont want to be near a person that has the mindset that this violence or violence on anyone is justifiable! That is dangerous and will lead to nothing but meeting a person that could potentially harm one of us or are kids. I cant stand it when people act like they’re not human by posting comments like that. Ignorance…forgive me, that just makes my blood boil.