Burke County Releases Violent Video of Assault

Warning: Violent video shows assault in Burke County. Suspect Dedrick Phillips is wanted in the case.

Burke County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard released this statement Sunday night: 

“These individuals put mothers, babies, children and others in harm’s way on a Sunday afternoon. A person is beaten and lays dying and no one comes to his aid or calls 911 until after shots are fired….this is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated in Burke County.

Sheriff Williams, all of the BCSO and WPD want to make it clear that we will not tolerate this type of activity in Burke County. If you don’t live in a housing project and you are trespassing, drinking, loitering, and/or any other type of illegal activity, plan on being dealt with accordingly. There are many good people that need a helping hand and live in housing authority complexes and they deserve better than this. If you live there and are part of the problem or have unruly guests you will be evicted.

Anyone with ANY information (names, reasons, etc.) may contact CID at 706-554-2133 or send us a PM via FB or go to our website and send anonymously. We will always keep informants confidential. We are following up on everything that occurred during this incident and ensuring that everyone involved is dealt with to the fullest extent allowable by law.

This is a partial video; we are reviewing housing authority video as well. We will use all resources available to include BCSO and WPD to ensure those responsible for the fight, assault and shooting are held responsible. If you participated, turn yourself in now to avoid additional charges.

Of course we will continue to do many activities to pro-actively reduce this type of behavior through education and working with our youth. However, individuals must understand that once you cross a line, you are responsible for your actions and there will be consequences.

We experienced similar violence on Friday which resulted in a young man’s death….that negatively impacts his family and friends as well as those who participated. All of these lives are lost for no reason either through death or to the system. Those who remain silent are part of the problem. Those who assist criminals in any way are equally responsible and will be dealt with accordingly under the law.”