Glenn Davis

The crimes committed in Augusta by Glenn Davis on March 9, 1984, are shocking enough.

   Even more shocking is the decision by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to grant him release despite his life sentence for crimes that can only be described as unspeakable.

   Augusta residents may not know that the 60-year-old child molester is living and working among them at a local restaurant already while staying at a transition center. He is facing full release on parole, according to authorities.

Glenn Davis story is featured in this week’s edition.

  In a letter obtained by The Jail Report, Augusta District Attorney Natalie Paine argued against the release and spelled out how Davis molested three different children all on the same day. The details are graphic.

On March 9, 1984, Glenn Davis, a 24-year-old serving a first-offender sentence for car theft, went on a crime spree targeting both boys and girls from the same Heritage Apartments complex where he lived in Augusta. He planned to abduct and rape each of them.

    At the time, he was supporting himself by committing a string of thefts and burglaries.

    Using Cheetos snacks and money, Davis enticed a 5-year-old boy into the basement laundry room of the apartment complex. Davis pulled the boy’s pants down, but the victim screamed and ran away.

   Davis continue to seek a second victim. He found an 8-year-old girl, who he also brought into the laundry room, pulled down her pants and placed a hand over her mouth. When witnesses entered the laundry room, Davis ran and the girl escaped.

   The predator went to the playground of Copeland Elementary School to find his next victim, an 8-year-old boy.

   Davis pulled the boy behind a fence, pulled down his pants and anally sodomized him. Witnesses saw Davis on top of the child and chased him to a nearby building, where he hid. A local soldier pushed Davis to the ground until police could arrest him.

   Judge Albert M. Pickett sentenced Davis to life in prison for his crimes.

   “The District Attorney strongly supports Judge Pickett’s goal of preventing Glenn Davis from ever coming into contact with children again,” District Attorney Paine said in a letter to the parole board. “Glenn Davis is a serial sexual predator whose preference is young children.”

   Still, Davis is now at the Augusta Transition Center, and working at a local restaurant.