At least one worker at the Checkers restaurant on Deans Bridge Road in Augusta has been arrested after a fight erupted Wednesday evening between some employees and others.

The violent fight was captured on video by a customer in the drive-thru line, who complained she just wanted “spicy chicken sandwich” and “maybe some cheese sticks.” (Video below)

“But I don’t want cheese sticks with blood and hair,” she says while broadcasting the video live on Facebook. “Definitely don’t want the food now.”

Arrest warrants were served Thursday morning on Akethia Destiny Bailey for affray in the Checkers parking lot. The warrant says she fought with other persons including “Jhasyia Kitchens and Maniya Perry” in a public place “causing a disturbance of the public tranquility.” A mugshot was not immediately available.

Here is the video. Warning: Contains obscenities and violence.