Louis Dipofi was charged with neglecting his elderly mother at their home at 3005 Bramblewood Trail in Augusta (pictured)

An Augusta man was charged with elderly neglect Wednesday after his 89-year-old mother died in their filthy home with dozens of cats, authorities said.

Louis Dipofi, 63, was jailed following an investigation into the death of his mother, Isolde Dipofi.

Coroner Mark Bowen said the victim had been dead for hours before authorities were called around 4 p.m. Tuesday to the home at 3005 Bramblewood Trail in Augusta.

Garbage littered the yard and the house was filthy, unfit to anyone to live in. So Bowen called the sheriff’s office to investigate it as a suspicious death, leading to the charges.

Code Enforcement was dispatched due to the living conditions at the residence. Later, animal control was also alerted since there were dozens of cats living in the three-bedroom home.

The suspect has been living there with his mother. The victim’s husband died about 10 years ago, the coroner said.

An autopsy is scheduled at the GBI Lab.

Note: If you have a photo or memory of Isolde Dipofi to share, please text it to 803-487-3224.