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Grovetown High Senior Threatens to Shoot Up Graduation


Dejon ParkerA Grovetown High senior was arrested last week after threatening to “shoot up the school” when a teacher asked him if he was looking forward to graduation.

De’jon Parker, 18, was charged last Thursday with terroristic threats and acts.

It was first thing in the morning when Parker stopped by the classroom of a language arts teacher.

“Are you looking forward to graduation?” the teacher asked.

“Yeah, I’m gonna shoot up the school,” Parker allegedly replied.

The teacher expressed shock over the remark, and the student added, “Nah, only white people shoot up schools.” He then laughed, according to a sheriff’s report.

The teacher told authorities that she was in disbelief over the remark from Parker, a member of the GHS football team. She told the student to proceed to class and explained that she was required to report his comment.

As Parker left the classroom, he repeated in a loud voice, “I’m gonna shoot up the school!” Several students in the classroom gave statements that they had heard the student’s remarks, a sheriff’s report says.

Parker was arrested at school the same day.

We’ve reached out to the Columbia County School system for the outcome of the student’s arrest. The Jail Report has asked whether the student will be banned from graduation.

Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


  1. Nice way to start your life as an adult, dumbass. You’re gonna catch a felony and lose your right to vote and buy a gun and make yourself a whole lot less hirable. All the kids in your class are off to college and start careers. Meanwhile you got jail time, court dates, thousands of dollars in fines, and years of probation. If you manage to get off probation without violating, you have a bright future at minimum wage unskilled manual labor.

      • Only a slow minded dimwit makes comments like that Mr Wade and they NEED to be dealt with accordingly , he needs to be sent to jail to reflect on his stupidity and you by your own dumb ass comment “everyone in ” seems like you feel its just fine to joke about this problem and in fact you support him ……. And to make the comment “only white people ” is about a raciest comment as I ever heard at least “white people” don’t go around killing innocent people we don’t know ransacking their home , stealing their car, then setting it on fire before going and shooting 2 more people now do we Mr. Wade ? ? ? ? Have a wonderful day in your neighborHOOD ! ! !

        • “HOOD” stereotypical I tell yah it’s funny how you put so much emphasis on hood implying that this type of behavior come from the “streets” right but your incorrect see dewalt comes from a good home and family and I see what your trying to get at but in reality you tried and failed only because you read th as little side notes and the newspaper about crime rate you automatically think it has to with African Americans ?

          • Hood is right ,where else “do’s” you think it comes from? I know of several use to be nice NEIGHBORHOODS , but now are “STRAIGHT UP HOODS” because of your “typical” behavior! White people don’t call where they live their “hood” ,at least I don’t or any one I know ! ! ! I don’t get piss off when I see some one walking down my street wearing a certain color of clothes, I don’t see many white men wearing their pants so low they have to walk like a damn duck,running out to the middle of “da” street to sell their dope ,riding around in cars with “22” rims,playing music with so much cussing in it & so loud it can be heard 30 seconds before seeing the car ,calling each other n????? (didn’t want to offend you ,showing some respect)”STEREOTYPICAL” ? really you say, must I go on, you said it not me ! ! ! No sir , I’am not doing that ,I’am just well you can say “conditioned” by what I see and read and what I”ve become accustomed to nothing more nothing less ! ! ! ! So don’t tell me YOU are NOT guilty of any of this ! So you go on about your day sonny boy and let the ADULTS talk ,O.K. ?(In case you missed the news lately most of all the crimes committed have been by Africans Americans just saying, but my dumba$$ cousins can be equally stupid, no race is absent from it gene pool or not! ! ! )

        • And why do you think your superior to everyone else your also American paying taxes and down payment on your cars and your house right…. ok so when you said “probably why everyone is so stupid weak gene pool” I mean it’s funny beacause your genes have been passed down to you and your kids and we got our genes from your generation so if we’re stupid and have a “weak gene pool” explain to me what does that make your generation.

          • Not in jail is what it makes me specifically, and never that stupid.. because stupid actions should be frowned on, not defended. We distanced ourselves from the moronic. There were dumbasses in my generation as well.. and even in my gene pool. The difference? We didn’t swim with them for fear it’d get on us. And yes, I am superior to this ignorance.

          • How so because he and a joke out of a fact I haven’t seen one African American school shooter now correct me If I’m mistaken.

          • Who knows; your pal here could have been the first. Why should anyone take the chance? Get over it. Stupid is stupid, dude.

          • it honestly doesn’t matter what he does i only came to his rescue because it seemed like you all were trying to bash him if you will and didn’t seem to heave a good understanding of the story whether you read it or not

          • And that’s whats wrongs with this generation no matter how much good you do they’ll always pray on your downfall

          • It’s prey, not pray. And downfalls should be met with the seriousness they deserve, not grown men making excuses. Grow a spine. It’s his choice to remain an idiot or to do something better.

          • But catch me on this they said he threatened I’m pretty sure you’re a reasonable person so If he made a comment about shooting it up how would that be considered a threat but then again he said “nah I’m just playin” followed up by a jok then he also laughed it off.

  2. He is a member of the Dindu Nuthin’ tribe. The EVIL WHITE MAN is responsible for his remarks and actions…..after all, they made him a slave. He is merely a gentle giant who has been wronged and kept down.

  3. FIRST OFF Y’all only know half of what/how things went down y’all read this a judged him!! He jus turned 18 a week b4 this happened….. For the sake of a young man ONLY BELIEVE HALF OF WHAT YOU READ cause u may not be getting the whole story!!

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