Grovetown Man Calls Wife ‘Fat’ — 2 Days After Child Birth

A Grovetown man was arrested for disorderly conduct last week after an ugly spat with his wife in which he called her “fat.”

The wife had just given birth to their daughter two days before that, but Joshua McCall didn’t seem to care, according to a Columbia County sheriff’s report.

In fact, when their dog pooped in the house, Mr. McCall told his wife to clean it up.

“The complainant said her husband told her to quit being lazy and burn some calories,” a sheriff’s report says. “The (wife) said she just gave birth to their daughter two days ago. The complainant said her husband told her he was going to leave her because she is fat.”

It gets worse.

According to the victim, Mr. McCall told his wife last Friday that he only took off work to have a vacation, not to help her after the baby’s birth.

The wife got upset and left her home. She called 911 from a neighbor’s home and told responding deputies that she wanted to leave after getting her personal property and the baby’s items.

When deputies tracked down Mr. McCall, he was not cooperative.

“What do you want?” he reportedly asked the cops.

They gave the reason they were there and asked why his wife was upset.

“I don`t know why, we are having life problems and she`s probably having female problems,” he told them.

They went back to the home, where the wife asked deputies to help her get the dogs. Mr. McCall said she couldn’t have them. “You don’t take care of them,” the wife replied.

When the husband responded “Go f*** yourself” in front of neighbors, deputies handcuffed him.

Mr. McCall, 31, of Dundee Way, Grovetown, was charged with disorderly conduct.