Frankie Wilkey

A Grovetown man died Thursday morning after flipping his vehicle on Bobby Jones Expressway, according to Richmond County authorities.

Frankie Wilkey, 51, was traveling west on I-520 near the I-20 when he lost control of his vehicle and rolled several times, Coroner Mark Bowen said in a press release.

Wilkey was taken to Augusta University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 4 p.m. Thursday, the coroner said. No autopsy will be done.

Cheryl Tesseo posted this message on Facebook:

“If everyone could keep Kelli and the Wilkey family in your prayers, it would be so appreciated 🖤 Frankie Wilkey; I know I always gave you a rough time but you were always there if anyone ever needed you, no matter what. If anyone knew you, they knew you loved your daughter Kelli more than life itself and that was amazing.

“I wish I knew how to take her pain away but this is something that’ll never go away. Kelli Nicole, I’m praying for you love and just know you have a huge support system behind you. We love you! And rip Frankie 😭☹️💔 I just wish it wasn’t true. You will forever be happy now though, that’s the positive thing about this.

“You’re with your mom and dad now🖤 and keep his sister Teresa Wilkey in your prayers; he was definitely all for family and that’s what always made him special. No matter what. But prayers for the whole family. We all became one and will continue to be one! you’re forever missed and all the memories too! We love you.”