Judith Elam (top left), Curtis Gibson and Willie Ealy (right)

Grovetown authorities closed a months-long operation on Wednesday with the arrests of three people and the seizure of drugs, cash and a vehicle.

At 6 a.m. Wednesday, the Grovetown Department of Public Safety executed multiple search and arrest warrants at several locations in the city. During the execution of the search warrants almost $7,000 in cash and a vehicle was seized, according to Lt. Allison Foster.

“Approximately 15 grams of cocaine, various controlled substances, Methamphetamine, THC, Ecstasy and one pound of Marijuana was recovered from the scene,” Lt. Foster said in a statement.

Those arrested include:

Judith Elam – Possession of Schedule I Drugs, Possession of Schedule II Drugs, Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Sale of Methamphetamine (Two counts), Sale of Cocaine, Sale of Marijuana.

Curtis Gibson – Sale of Marijuana, Possession of Schedule II Drugs

Willie Ealy – Sale of Marijuana (Three counts), Possession With the Intent to Distribute Marijuana

“The Grovetown Department of Public Safety is proud of the efforts and teamwork of our Criminal Investigations Division and our road patrol officers,” Lt. Foster said. “The Grovetown Department Of Public Safety would also like to acknowledge and thank the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance while serving these warrants.”