We are getting our first look at the teen rape suspect accused of tying up his underage girlfriend and carving his name into her body in Grovetown.

That’s because Kain Harris Lord turned 17 on Monday and was transferred from the juvenile facility to the Columbia County Detention Center. The teen is from Hephzibah but the crime occurred in Grovetown. He is charged as an adult with rape and aggravated battery.

Authorities say Lord allegedly used green nylon rope to tie up his 14-year-old girlfriend when she refused sex. He is also accused of using a box cutter to carve his first name into her body in two places.

The rape allegation surfaced on Sept. 21 when the victim’s mother reportedly found a note about the sexual assault. She then reported it to law enforcement. The case is investigated by the Grovetown Department of Public Safety.

Lord remains in the county jail without bond.

According to previous media reports, Lord has faced charges as a  juvenile for battery on an officer, aggravated assault and disrupting school.