Beverlee Lynch

   An Augusta woman said she had a good reason for punching her live-in boyfriend.

   He called her fat and ugly.

   Beverlee Lynch, 57, of Augusta, lives with Jimmy Horton at the Studio 6 Motel on Wrightsboro Road. Both are originally from Tennessee.

   The victim told authorities that the couple was arguing when she struck him on the left side of the face with her right hand. A deputy observed scratches and red marks and bruising on the left side of his face. His left ear was bleeding from the inside.

   Lynch was hesitant to tell deputies what happened. She was lying on the bed when they arrived and said nothing happened. She finally confessed to hitting him.

   “Lynch stated that she wanted to hurt Horton because he called her fat and ugly,” a report says. “Lynch stated that she did not want to go to jail.”

   But she did. The suspect was charged with simple battery – family violence.

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