In Hephzibah: Spirit Creek Middle Parent Threatens to Shoot Up School!


The parent of a Spirit Creek Middle School student remains in jail today after threatening to shoot up the Hephzibah school last week, yelling to other parents to get their children out before she did it.

Vontrice Walker, 44, of Hephzibah, Terroristic threats & acts, disrupting public schools“You better go in and get your children because it is about to pop off in there,” suspect Vontrice Walker allegedly yelled to parents as school was winding down. “I mean y’all better hurry up.”

Walker, 44, of Hephzibah, was yelling at 6th grade teacher Beverly Lowery in the hallway near the end of the school day Tuesday (March 20). Walker allegedly said that she didn’t care about the police when it came to her child and that she would “do what she got to do,” according to an arrest warrant.

Even more disturbing, the mother started talking about deadly school shootings in other states. “You see how people going in these schools shooting up people about their kids just like the shooting in Maryland,” Walker allegedly shouted. “I do what I got to do about mine.”

At the time of Walker’s threats, news was breaking about the Maryland shooting after 17-year-old Austin Wyatt Rollins shot two students in a hallway just before classes began at Great Mills High School. One of the victims later died and was identified as the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, which turned out to be the motive.

According to arrest records, Walker was arrested last Thursday, two days after the threats. She was charged with disrupting public schools and terroristic threats and acts. She remains in the Richmond County Detention Center.

Cover Issue 943We are reaching out to the school district for a comment. Stay tuned…

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