A Lakeside High School student was brutally beaten last Friday by an older classmate causing injuries that will require surgery, according to a Columbia County sheriff’s report.

   School video shows a 15-year-old boy going up to the 14-year-old victim, grabbing him and repeatedly punching him. The victim fell to the ground, where the suspect continued striking him.

   The suspect, who was not identified because he is a juvenile, fled to his home, where he lives with his grandparents. He told deputies that he attacked the classmate because he was “talking about him,” a sheriff’s report says.

   The injuries were serious. The boy suffered a facial bone fracture, several broken teeth, lumps and bruises on the top of his head, a blackened left eye and a hematoma in the left eye, a report says. He required stitches to close a large gash around his lips, and he will require surgery to remove the teeth, since they were broken above the gum line, the report says.

   The victim told deputies that the suspect was in trouble previously and was mad at him for not backing him up in the situation that got him suspended.

   The suspect was transferred to the Regional Youth Detention Center to be charged with aggravated battery.