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Lakeside Student Jailed for Hunting Knife in Car


Columbia County authorities arrested a Lakeside High School student Thursday after discovering a hunting knife in his vehicle, according to a sheriff’s report.

George Sykes, 17, of Martinez, was charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds.

Assistant Principal Tim Reeve told an officer he had information from another student that drugs  might be in Sykes’ car, which was parked on school grounds. The car was search by Reeve and campus police, and they found “a tobacco grinder, cigarette papers and an unknown substance,” according to a sheriff’s report. In addition, police found a black Gerber 8-inch hunting knife in the driver’s door pocket, the report says.

The student was then arrested and booked into the Columbia County Jail under a $7,600 bond.

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Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


  1. Let him go he did nothing wrong .. it was in his car and probably didn’t even know he left it there …Columbia County goes way to far sometimes …maybe his parents should have been called to come and get it maybe suspended for a few days but JAIL NO! This is just not right !

  2. @Phyllis Ann I was thinking the same thing at first, another crazy Zero Tolerance story. The link actually states that he also had a ” tobacco grinder, cigarette papers and an unknown substance”. They just happened to find the knife after someone reported that he had drugs in his car.

  3. Talk about an Overreaction. I live in NJ and I graduated in 2000 and I had all types of tools and Knives in my truck.

    Did they send the SWAT team to the metal shop to raid it too? Because there are many more dangerous things in there and the wood shop.

    And maybe use a sniper to take out any gym teacher that teaches archery while we are at it, right?

    Investigate any teacher who might teach students in a green house, they are handing kids sharp plant clippers. Same goes for those devious art teachers giving kids those WMD scissors.

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