An Aiken County man was arrested after customers complained he was videotaping customers last week at the Evans Walmart, according to a sheriff’s report.

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Customers said that the man was making them uncomfortable by standing around the fitting room area and videotaping random people, the report says.

“I’ll beat your a**,” he reportedly told a sales associate who told him to stop.

A sheriff’s report says the man became aggressive but finally exited the store when they told him a sheriff’s deputy was on his way.

Alonzo MackeyOut in the parking lot, the responding deputy made contact with 26-year-old Alonzo Damon Mackey of Belvedere. The suspect agreed to let the deputy view his phone, but “he deleted a majority of the videos,” the report says.

The suspect was told not to return to the Walmart, and he was arrested for making terroristic threats.