Megan Lichtenberg

   A Martinez woman spray-painted a couple’s house on the day they moved in, according to authorities.

   Megan Lichtenberg, 33, confessed to damaging the front door of the home Oct. 22 in the Rhodes Hill community, a sheriff’s report says. The targeted couple told authorities they had received harassing text messages from Lichtenberg all night.

   The suspect was reportedly upset that the 36-year-old female victim bought a house in her neighborhood. So she used black spray paint to draw a happy face on the home on Rhodes Hill Court, a report says.

   From a deputy’s report: “I made contact with Mrs. Lichtenberg who lives on the next street up. She admitted to spray painting the door and explained their long history. Mrs. Lichtenberg was arrested for criminal trespass and transported to (jail) without incident.”

   The victim told authorities that they do NOT have a long history with the woman, but rather are distantly acquainted with a few mutual friends.

   Lichtenberg was previously arrested in July on a charge of driving under the influence in Columbia County.