William Danner

   A maskless shopper at the Evans Walmart recently pushed a woman who complained to her friend, according to a sheriff’s report.

   William Danner, 73, was charged Sept. 10 with simple battery.

   The victim told deputies that she made a comment to her friend about the suspect not wearing a mask. He heard her and began following her and her friend, the report says.

   “She was trying to get away from William, but he would stand in her way and was getting closer to her,” the report says. “She pushed him back to get him away. He then pushed her in the face.”

   Deputies saw no injuries on the woman. The suspect confessed to pushing the woman “because she pushed him,” a report says.

   The deputy reviewed a store video and saw Danner approaching the pair as they tried to get away. The video also showed the victim pushing Danner back and then he pushed her in the face.