Zachary Simpson has been accused of robbing an Evans teen of his Air Jordan 1 tennis shoes, similar to these.

A McDonald’s employee in a “I’m Lovin It” work shirt, and his co-worker, are accused of robbing two Evans teenagers of expensive tennis shoes Friday during a late-night meet-up outside Walmart, authorities said.

Only the alleged getaway driver, McDonald’s cook Zachary Simpson, 18, has been arrested in the case. The suspect accused of snatching the Nike Jordan Ones from the victims has not been charged. But he was identified in a sheriff’s report as “Bubba,” a table worker at the same McDonalds, 5109 Washington Road in Evans.

The victims, ages 17 and 18, told authorities that they met with black male who goes by youngmoss1234 on Snapchat. They met him outside the Evans Walmart just after midnight Friday to sell a pair of all-white Nike Jordan Ones, valued at $120.

The suspect was wearing his McDonalds “I’m Lovin It” shirt and a surgical mask. The younger victim got out of his vehicle and showed him the shoes. But “Bubba” grabbed the shoes and ran back to the white SUV drive by Simpson, a report says.

The 17-year-old victim ran after him, opened the passenger door and tried to grab his shoes back. But Simpson put the vehicle in drive and began driving away. The suspects began pushing the victim in the face and shoved him until he fell out of the vehicle as it was moving, a report says. The teen suffered cuts to his arms, legs and back.

Deputies located Simpson on McCladdie Drive with four other people, standing around his vehicle, which reeked of marijuana. Officers found a small amount of marijuana in the front passenger door pocket, the report says.

Simpson was charged with robbery and battery. He denied any involvement in the robbery and told authorities that “Bubba” had run into the woods when deputies approached. The shoes were not recovered.