Mugshot: North Harlem Elementary Teacher Arrested for Striking Student


Donald McFatridgeHere is your mugshot of the elementary school teacher arrested for striking a student Friday at North Harlem Elementary School.

Teacher Donald McFatridge, 49, a former pastor in Jefferson County, was just booked on a charge of misdemeanor battery for the incident, which took place during school hours. A warrant says the teacher struck the boy on the face with his hand, which injured the child. The incident took place at around between 12:00 p.m. and 12:50 p.m. at the school on 525 Fairview Drive in Harlem.

The school district released this statement: “We hold our faculty and staff to the highest standards and have zero tolerance for any behavior that detracts from our mission. Accordingly, the teacher has been removed from duty and the School District will take appropriate action.”

The teacher posted this bio on the school’s website:

“I moved to Augusta, GA from Johnson City, TN after graduating from high school.  I worked as an EMT/Paramedic for 17 years, was the Lead Pastor for a Jefferson County church from 2000-2006.  Shortly after that I decided to pursue my degree in Early Childhood Education.

 I graduated with honors from Augusta State University, Phi Kappa Phi, as well as Summa Cum Laude; (December 2010) and started January 2011 off by working with “Special Needs” students.  That summer I was offered a position at NHE to begin teaching Pre-K.  I’ve had the honor of teaching 1st, 4th, and 5th grade.  

I am a huge techie!  I love helping students bring a new element into the classroom using technology and having them make it their own.. The introduction of tablets and personal devices has taken technology from just a tool to something that can become an extension of a student and their learning! 

Not only am I working on becoming a Google Certified Teacher….I am also working on my masters degree in Instructional Technology as well as an endorsement in Gifted Education.”

SO, if I ask your student to work hard, I am not just talking…I am trying to give them an example of how to! … I am so privileged to be teaching at North Harlem, the best elementary school in the county!”    

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