Justin Caho, 35, of Acworth, Obstruction - felony, public indecency

A man who told deputies he had used cocaine, marijuana and meth in the same day was arrested after multiple callers saw him running naked through Augusta streets.

Justin Caho, 35, of Acworth, Georgia, was charged Oct. 19 with felony obstruction and public indecency.

Richmond County deputies received multiple calls about Caho, who was seen running naked and talking incoherently along Goodrich Street. When deputies found Caho, he was lying in the grass — still naked — and clinging to the earth, saying he couldn’t stand.

Deputies helped Caho to his feet but he began to fight with them as he was being handcuffed. Caho refused to sit in the cruiser and kicked a deputy in the chest and face. He was tased and finally secured in the patrol car.

When asked what kind of drugs he had been taking that day, Caho replied by saying “all of them” before listing marijuana, cocaine and meth.

He was taken from the jail to a hospital for evaluation after he was booked.