Wayne Frazier (2020 mugshot)

School board member Wayne Frazier surrendered to Richmond County jail officials Monday to get booked for a DUI charge from a Nov. 2 wreck. He was released the same day.

Until Monday, the veteran educator and beloved principal never had his mugshot from a Nov. 2 single-car wreck on Deans Bridge Road. Frazier went to the hospital that night and was given a citation for DUI and failure to maintain lane.

That was different than Frazier’s 2010 arrest on DUI charges when he was booked into the jail at the same time. In that case, Frazier pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of reckless driving and got 80 hours of community service, 12 months of probation and fines.

Meanwhile, below is the 2019 accident report, which shows Frazier was traveling south on Deans Bridge Road at 9:39 p.m. at night when he struck the median barrier after appearing to jerk the wheel to the left. Frazier told a deputy he did not recall what happened.

“(He) was found to be under the influence of alcohol. Deputies investigation found the driver … at fault for failure to maintain lane and driving under the influence of alcohol,” the report says.

The accident report is shown here: