Why did Augusta District Attorney Jared Williams order a mental evaluation for Brittany Kennedy?

She’s the woman charged in the Little Caesars attack in Augusta that was caught on video and broadcast nationwide. It was a bloody attack on Emily Broadwater who was simply picking up a pizza with her 2-year-old daughter.

But now, a 2018 video has surfaced of an earlier run-in with Kennedy and multiple officers who were investigating a stolen car and a stolen gun. It shows Kennedy, just a passenger, in a rage when deputies try to investigate the stolen car. She refused to calm down and gets into a physical struggle with officers.

See the video below.

Kennedy would go on to get five years of probation for felony obstruction of an officer in that case. And Attorney Joe Neal, who represents the Little Caesars victim, wants to know why her probation wasn’t revoked and why District Attorney Jared Williams is seeking a mental evaluation of Kennedy instead of putting her in prison.

Neal filed suit against Williams last week for not releasing the complete 2018 file on Kennedy, pursuant to Georgia Open Records law. Neal said on Sunday that he’s been told they may release the file in a month, which he calls a violation of the deadlines spelled out in the Open Records laws.

This is the second lawsuit Neal has filed on behalf of Broadwater. The victim filed suit June 3 against the pizza company and Kennedy. That suit says Little Caesars failed to protect Broadwater against Kennedy, who had no business at the restaurant.