The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office (SC) just issued this warning to the community about the Irish Travelers from the North Augusta area:

“It has come to this agency’s attention that the Irish gypsies from the North Augusta area are back in this county with their yearly paving scam. It appears they are starting earlier than usual this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to warn citizens to be skeptical of anyone who may show up at their residence unannounced with a deal that appears too good to be true. Citizens are also reminded to call us if they ask that salesman to leave, and they either delay or decline.”

Local residents are already reacting on Facebook:

Edward Cordes II said this: “They have been ripping people off for decades… No shock here. If you need to find one, just go check the fire lane in front of Food Lion on Exit 5. And don’t forget to follow them inside after they get out of their Lexus or whatever and then pay for 2 carts full of food with an EBT card.”

Aiken resident Jamie Le recalled a similar scam on her. “One came to my house about a month ago trying to pave my driveway. A few days later he pulled back up and just sat there honking the horn. Maybe if I open the door with a gun by my side they will stop. They literally come about 5 times per year.”

Some called the warning “inappropriate” since the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office called them gypsies, considered a slur by many.

Larry Thomas said this: “I have some very good friends (gypsies or Irish travelers). They prefer Irish travelers. They would help me out in a minute if I ask.”