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Shoe Slam – 4 Jailed in Body-Slam Beating of Hephzibah High Freshman


BATESSchool officers have arrested four people in Friday’s brutal attack on a Hephzibah High freshman for his shoes.

Javarious Bates, 18 (top photo, from left), Quantevius Russ, 18, and Michael Jamel Williams, 17; are all charged with criminal attempted robbery (felony) and battery (misdemeanor).

School officials say the juvenile who recorded the attack was also charged since it appeared from the video that the act was pre-planned. (To see video, click here.)

RUSS QUANTEVIUSAll three suspects were picked up Tuesday afternoon are being held in the Richmond County Jail. Details of the juvenile’s arrest was not clear.

The suspects are accused of plotting to take a pair of $120 shoes from A.J. Hadden, a skinny 14-year-old freshman who got his black Air Jordans for Christmas.

When A.J.  refused to hand over the shoes in the school parking lot, one of the suspects – believed to be Bates – picked him up and slammed the 115-pound kid  to the hard concrete.

MICHAEL JAMEL WILLIAMSOn video, the other two are seen rushing in, kicking and punching the victim. Next, they drag him across the concrete and try to pull his shoes off him but fail.

A.J.’s friend is heard screaming as loud as she can for the attackers to stop.

On Friday, an investigation led only to a disorderly conduct charge against Quantevius Russ, and he was released on a $250 bond on Sunday. That charge has now been upgraded.

A.JThe victim (pictured at right, showing a head injury) sustained a ruptured ear drum, multiple bruises on his chest, stomach, arms and legs. He has not returned to school, and his mother says she is considering home-schooling him or moving him to another school in the district.

  Pick up Wednesday’s new edition of The Jail Report for more on this story.

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Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh
Greg Rickabaugh is an award-winning crime reporter in the Augusta-Aiken area with experience writing for The Augusta Chronicle, The Augusta Press and serving as publisher of The Jail Report. Rickabaugh is a 1994 graduate of the University of South Carolina and has appeared on several crime documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel.


  1. Definitely home school the kid or move- unless you’re just trying to prep your future little felons for prison life, it’s smart to keep them out of Richmond County Schools as what you see above is 95% of what your kid can expect to be roaming the hallways unabated.

  2. What a shameful act! I am so sorry this child was treated this way over shoes…that is why ALL public schools should have the students in uniforms. This says a lot about parents and how they raise or fail to raise their children. JUST SHAMEFUL! Home school your child or look into a good private christian school where this behavior is not tolerated.

    • Really..uniforms!? I’m gonna have to strongly disagree. How about everyone just teach their children how to have respect for other people and other people’s property! But I guess that’s just too much like work. And don’t kid yourself into think those fancy “Christian” private schools are any better!

      • YES, really uniforms! And yes I attended one of those fancy “CHRISTIAN” private schools and we wore uniforms. There was no fighting each other for clothes. I do not consider myself any better than any child who attended public school. Most of my friends in my neighborhood attended public school as did family. It is not about the religion or the school, I believe in removing the distraction. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I’am wondering why it ALWAYS takes three or more of these punks to attack one smaller person? These are nothing but gutless heathens. . Bet the parent(s) feel really proud now with the impending law suit ,as well as the BOE,and my tax dollars ,(and everyone else’s) for which I have no kids in SKOOL! ! ! , Just want to know when the HE?? will I see start to see a return on my investment ? ? ? All y’all must know I’am holding back today ! ! !

  4. Let me get this straight. 3 older and bigger kids jump on a helpless kid in an attempt to take his Jordans. For the sake of just to show you how stupid this is: Suppose they did get them, without a struggle. What were they going to do? Rotate days in wearing them, among themselves? If they were going to sell them, they probably could not have gotten $50 for them since they were used, so I’m just more so appalled at the rationale used here. Surely they talked about it before doing it. No need to ask about the parents. Some of the parents are just as bad off as the kids, or worst.

    • Mark , this is your lottery dollars at work for one thing ,but I think this really wasn’t so much about the shoes as it was just a plain attack on this kid (white) . These fools are most likely in a gang , so they have little fear of most anything coming their way ,he// they even were laughing and smiling when they went before the judge , and for your rotating theory ,my guess is one of them would use a 2 headed coin and the others would take about 3 weeks before they caught on had a fight and killed each other! ! ! Besides that the damn shoes probably didn’t fit any of their big dumb a$$ feet any way

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