Suspended: 2 ACSO Officers Fail Firing Range Test

Sheriff Michael Hunt has suspended two veteran officers without pay for failing to qualify at the firing range.

In addition, the sheriff accepted the resignation of a 26-year lieutenant last week but will not let an agency spokesman discuss the reason behind Lt. Stacey Prince’s sudden decision to leave.

Sources told The Jail Report that the two suspended officers are Lt. Vicky Gaskins and Investigator Kim Sievers, which was confirmed this week by sheriff’s Capt. Eric Abdullah.

“Lt. Vicky Gaskins and Investigator Kim Sievers were each suspended five days without pay for failing to meet certain training requirements in a timely manner as set forth in Sheriff’s Policy 400,” Capt. Abdullah said by email Thursday. “Sievers has completed the training requirement, and Gaskins is expected to complete the requirement early next week. Please note that these officers have been valued members of the Sheriff’s Office for 17 years.”

Sources also told The Jail Report that an officer was found to be impaired at a training session. Capt. Abdullah would not discuss that allegation, but he did confirm the agency accepted Lt. Prince’s resignation on Sept. 24.

Lt. Prince’s resignation was given with this one-sentence letter: “Thanks of the time with this office but effected (sic) as nine o’clock Sept. 24, 2015, I resign.”