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Porsche Harris

Full Name Harris, Porsche NicoleArrest Date 2/14/2019Race BlackSex FemaleAge 29 YEARS OLD Charges Murder, armed robbery 

RCSO: Murder Victim was Dropped at Augusta CVS Pharmacy

Richmond County authorities have a real mystery on their hands after a shooting victim was brought overnight to the CVS Pharmacy on Walton Way.Samuel...

Aiken Cops Solve Murder Case from December!

Aiken police have identified a murder suspect in a Dec. 20 home invasion when a man was fatally shot after answering a knock at...

Richard Bryant

Full Name Bryant, Ri'Chard HatimArrest Date 2/5/2019Race BlackSex MaleAge 20 YEARS OLD Charges Murder, armed robbery, weapon possession 

Aiken Standoff Suspect Has History of Dropped Charges for Serious Crimes

An Aiken man surrendered early Wednesday after a five-hour standoff with the sheriff's SWAT team following allegations he had shot his live-in girlfriend in...

Carlos Allen

ALLEN, CARLOSInmate ID#: 804877 Home Address City: GRANITEVILLEDrivers Lic State: SCBio:     Sex: M   Race: B   Build: L     Height:...

Michael Mitchell

Full Name Mitchell, Michael DevonteArrest Date 1/30/2019Race BlackSex MaleAge 25 YEARS OLD Charges Murder, aggravated assault, firearm possession by felon, weapon possession 

Rex Stewart

Full Name Stewart - Jr, Rex AllenArrest Date 1/24/2019Race WhiteSex MaleAge 36 YEARS OLD Charges Homeless, Murder, firearm possession by felon, weapon possession