The Brittany Stevens Assault in Downtown Augusta… Read What the Sheriff’s Report Says

Brittany Stevens from Facebook

As the investigation continues into the Aug. 3 assault on Brittany Stevens at The Scene nightclub in downtown Augusta, we’ve got the official narrative of the sheriff’s report. It describes what Brittany, the suspects and witnesses told the cops.

Here is the narrative from the sheriff’s report:

“On August 3rd, 2019 at 0255 hours, I Deputy Brent Turner and Deputy Kimberly McLaughlin were checking on a business at 1289 Broad St. (The Scene), when an unknown W/F advised us of a fight.

Deputy McLaughlin and I went to the rear of the business and observed a large crowd of people on the 1200 block of Jones St.  I began asking several subjects about the fight and I was advised that two females had already left the scene and the victim \ Brittany Stevens was trying to leave.

Brittany Stevens from Facebook

Deputy McLaughlin observed Stevens in a parking lot at Jones St. and 13th St. and was able to stop her.  Stevens stated she was attacked by two unknown females.  Stevens stated the females punched her in the face and head several times. Stevens also stated she believed an unknown male kicked her in the face.  I observed a laceration under Stevens left eye and one just above her left eyebrow.  I requested Gold Cross respond for treatment.

I then made contact with Doug Alexander, who stated he was Stevens ex-boyfriend.  Alexander stated he did not see the fight but he knew that Stevens and suspect # 1 \ Holley Carter got into a verbal argument inside the club.  Alexander was also able provide suspect # 2’s name \ Jordie Holt.   Alexander stated that Holt and Carter were trying to start a fight with Stevens all night in the club.

Gold Cross arrived at the scene and transported Stevens to AUMC.

The witness \ Michael Gordon approach me after Stevens was transported and stated he observed the incident.  Gordon stated Stevens went after Holt and Carter by climbing over a  handrail.  Gordon stated Stevens grabbed Carter by her shirt and a struggle ensued.  Gordon stated an unknown B/M then pulled Stevens down to the ground and kicked her.

At 1230 hours this date, I was advised that Stevens had a broken orbital socket and she risk the chance of losing sight in her left eye.

I was provided the information of witness # 2 \ Tony Martin and I was able to make contact with him via phone.  Martin stated he observed Holt and Carter yelling at Stevens.  Martin stated after Holt and Carter walked away, Stevens climbed the handrail to talk to them but she was punched by Holt and Cater.  Martin stated an unknown W\M slammed Stevens to the ground and began to kick her.

Stevens stated she does wish the prosecute. BWC was recording.”


“On August 3rd, 2019 at 1330 hours, I did make contact with Holt via phone.  Holt stated she and Carter were attempting to walk when Stevens climbed over the handrail and pulled Carter’s shirt down.  Holt stated she did push on Stevens head in an attempt to get her to stop.  Holt stated she did not know how Stevens got the injuries to her face.

I then made contact with Carter via phone.  Carter stated she was walking away when Stevens approached her by climbing a handrail.  Carter stated that Stevens pulled her shirt causing it to come down and Carter stated this exposed her chest.  Carter stated she did hit Stevens on top of the head to try and make her stop.  Carter stated she did not see what happen after she was pulled away by several people.”

Reward Offered for Video. Meanwhile, Brittany’s mother, Donna Joyner, is offering a $2,000 reward to anyone with any information and video as to what happened that night. She posted this on Facebook.